Brighton sunset

My first week in Brighton


One week here in Brighton! I’m surprised how much the time flies!
New city, new job, two new accommodation and a lot of other discoveries.

I’m not really totally confident with the bus system here, but it’s not worse than the first day, when I took really a long long time to find the good bus. Happily, in Brighton, the bus network is really good and we can go when we want in all the city (and I really like the view when you are on the second floor).

I’m sure that I have a lot of other things to discover in this city, but I have already had a good view of things should be seen:

  • The city centre, from the shopping centre until the Sea Life centre. All around the Clocktower, it’s really the heart of the city with all the restaurants, bars, shops and activity. And it’s where I passed all my free times.



By Tessier, via Wikimedia Commons

  • The Brighton Peer with restaurants, game rooms and fairground (even if it’s raining, it’s always open).
Brighton peer

I promise to take an another photo when the weather is better 🙂

  • The Marina with restaurants, casino and cinema, but it’s really not my favourite place.

By Barbara van Cleve, via Wikimedia Commons

  • The beach ! But for the moment, just to take a walk.


  • And this week it was the Brighton Fringe, with a lot of concerts in the street, a really good time  to enjoy.


  • And to finish, some tips to have a good lunch : you can try a perfect fish and chips at No 32, a good English breakfast at all’angolo café and some very good seafood pastas at the Edendum. But, if you want to try the worse Burger in you live, try the burger at the Madeira Café, you will not be disappointed.

And so, I’m here in Brighton for an internship, so let’s talk about this! I work at Professionals UK as assistant marketing manager and I’m in charge of many different missions: social media strategy, newsletter, blog, content on the website …

I have already done, in France, digital internships, so I’m really happy to learn more about this job and to learn this job in English!
In the office, in Rottingdean, we are 5 and it’s a really good ambiance. They welcomed me very kindly and I have no time to get bored. My supervisor, Bella gives me many different tasks and responsibility, we have plenty of ideas, so I’m sure that it would be a truly good internship.

So, I’m ready to discover a lot of new stuff this week and I hope it would be as good as the last week.

See you soon !



Beautiful sunset view from my room


Bonjour jeunes gens !

Après une semaine à Brighton, je prends le temps de faire un point sur tout ce qui c’est passé. Parce-que oui en une semaine, j’ai eu le temps de découvrir beaucoup beaucoup de nouveaux lieux et de nouvelles choses.

Malgré un temps pas toujours clément, Brighton est vraiment une vie pleine de vie où l’on ne peut pas s’ennuyer. Ici, j’adore passer du temps dans le centre ville où il est facile de se perdre dans de nombreuses petites rues avec de bons restaurants et des bars très sympa. Il y a toujours du monde pour se balader sur la plage ou sur la jetée Brighton Peer.

Pour parler un peu nourriture et si vous souhaitez quelques conseils, j’ai actuellement mangé un excellent Fish & Chips au No 32, un très bon English breakfast au café all’angolo, de très bonnes pâtes aux fruits de mer à l’Edendum.
Mais j’ai aussi mangé le pire burger de ma vie, au Madeira Café, je ne rigole pas quand je dis le pire !

Enfin, parce-que je suis quand même à Brighton pour travailler, j’ai adoré cette première semaine de stage ! Un très bon accueil, une très bonne ambiance et des missions enrichissantes, je sens que ces 4 mois vont très vite passer.

C’est reparti pour une nouvelle semaine,
See you soon !


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