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Buy a Sim Card

Hi !

To become a real expatriate, you should have your English number! To talk with other people, to contact your work and to find room in the city.
I recommend to just buy a sim card if you spend only few months in the country.

Mainly, the sim card would cost between £5 and £10. Depend on the operator, you could buy the sim card on internet or on the shop.

  • GiffGaff : It’s the operator that I have chosen. In only few day I have received my sim card and I pay only £10 by month (for 500 UK minutes + unlimited UK texts + 1 GB UK data + free to giffgaff numbers)
  • EE 
  • Lycamobile 
  • Freedom Pop 
  • 02 

Be careful to have an unlock mobile before leaving !


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