Brighton Kemptown carnival 2016

I begin to feel at home !

Hi !

Another week in Brighton and not the more beautiful: it rained a lot all the week!
So, to forget this not beautiful time, one really quick quick recap of this week: It was a great professional week!

The website of the company is finally transferred on WordPress and I have spent my week to discover all the possibility and make a lot of change!
We also send your first newsletter through Mailchimp for a while! It’s for a very special subject:  The Great Sussex Bath Race! I will talk to you on this event later.

After this non perfect weather week, this week-end was great! And it was the Kemptown Carnival, with a lot of drink, food (everywhere) and crazy people!


This week-end represent the return of the sun ! Perfect time to meet new people, take an excellent cocktail at the Las Iguanas and go to the sea !


See you next week (with photo on a network event at … 7:30 am !)



Bonjour jeunes gens !

Cette semaine n’a pas été fameuse niveau météo, la vraie description de l’angleterre !


Pouvez-faire la différence entre le ciel et la mer ?

Heureusement que la semaine de travail est passée très vite et que je n’ai pas eu le temps de m’ennuyer !

Le week-end a été complètement différent de la semaine : du soleil, des cocktails sympa avec d’autres stagiaires hollandais et encore du soleil !

On se voie la semaine prochaine, je sais déjà que j’aurais des trucs sympa à vous raconter !


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