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And one month after!


Such a big week here in Brighton! Ok maybe not a sunny week but a lot of things happened.

On Tuesday, with my manager Bella, we goes on the Breakfast Club (a Brighton networking event). Yes it was at 7:30am (yes “a-m”), yes I have to eat salty and speak English before 8am but it was fine. This event is a networking is: “Based in central Hove, Brighton The Breakfast Club meets every Tuesday morning at 7.15am at the Courtlands Hotel. The Breakfast Club gives it’s members an opportunity to refer leads to one and other, share business knowledge and expertise, expand their networks and gain new and repeat business through trust and familiarity.”

It was a great time with lovely people and I had to present myself in one minute, stressful moment! And thanks to Kelly O’Haire to her present about LinkedIn.

english breakfast

The perfect full english breakfast

On Wednesday, I went to a Meet Up event to meet new people. It was a really good time, and met a lot of new people and the most funny time was when english people try to speak to me in french and I respond in english. I really recommend this type of event for all people who want to meet new people, from around the world.


I maybe forgot to take some photos on this event

On Friday, with some french students, we goes one Brighton Big Screen to watch the France – Romania football match on the beach. Great moment, and they plan to project many other matches or films during this summer ! We also go saw the English-Russia football match, but let’s forget this moment.

And to finish this crazy week, I went with my colleagues to a crazier event: The Great Sussex Bath Race. It a race in … a bath to fund and support two charities. A great idea but a really strange, and English (?), time !

See you next week with a lot of new feedback!


Bonjour jeunes gens !

Ce fut encore une belle semaine, le genre de semaine qui te fait douter qu’un jour tu va rentrer en France.

Mais UNE information à retenir cette semaine, et pas des moindres : l’arrivée de la machine  Nespresso (oui, depuis mon arrivée dans ce bureau, la consommation de café c’est un peu envolée !). Installée juste à côté de moi, à portée de main, c’est plus que parfait !


Et, en cadeau, une liste de bar assez sympa où boire un verre à Brighton (ce week-end a été très productif) : The Amsterdam avec une belle terrasse pour être au soleil en fin de journée, Black Lion pour boire un dernier verre, the Font, the Mash et mon préféré le Crown’s avec toujours une bonne ambiance et de la bonne musique !

A la semaine prochaine !


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