Meet people: MeetUp Event


You have just arrived in a new city, maybe with friends and maybe not, and you want to discover the city, take part at parties and meet new people? Yes, of course!

You can take part in event organize by the city, you can meet people in bar or sport activity, but if it’s not enough you can take part at Meet Up event.

Meet Up is a worldwide website which allows you to create and join group by city and by topic. All day, new MeetUp groups are create and I’m sure you always can find one group which interest you.MeetUp.jpg

I have tested different group in Brighton and I always enjoy them! Sometimes you need to pay a fee (for example £2) to the organizer. You can join, for example: a group to go to parties, a group to speak different languages, a group to take part at an event, a group to visit city or … whatever you want. If you don’t find the perfect group for you, maybe create your own group?

I know that the first time it could be really stressful or weird. But just go, it’s worth it!

If you find some very interesting group in England, share it 🙂

See you soon!


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