Expresso Martini!


A new busy week here in Brighton! New meets, new discovers, new great moments!

The working week was … long. Not for the tasks but with the internet’ connection! When it was working it was really slow and the rest, it was not working at all, not convenient when all the company have always needed internet to work. Fortunately, I had a lot of tasks to do on Photoshop, so I could work, but almost 1 hour to downloaded a picture, it was quite long! The good thing about that, is that we took more time to speak to each other, to brainstorm new ideas.

And so, the social life this week balance the work:

  • On Monday, I met a new Spanish intern, Belen and we have passed a nice evening. We tried the Hanover (bar & restaurant) and we ate a really good pizza.
    On the menu we have viewed a pizza with a pesto base, and we were divided between tried this pizza and … said it’s disrespectful to Italian. So we took pizza with cheese, but maybe next time!
    Pizza hanover brighton
  • On Wednesday, all the Professionals UK’ team had gone to an Indian restaurant (the Chilli Pickle a really nice and good restaurant, but quite expensive for a student’s budget). It was a great moment to speak with the team in a non-professional place!And, you NEED to try the Expresso Martini at the end of your meal.
  • On Friday, with some other interns, we went watch Pulp Fiction at the Brighton Big Screen. It’s just my favourite movie, but the first time that I watched it in English. And between the (really bad) cold weather and the English level (really not easy to understand all the movie without English subtitles), I want to thank again interns who waited until the end of the movie!
  • And… and Sunday with France vs Portugal (Euro 2016 Final), and so congratulations to the Portuguese team!And because now the internet connection works really well, let’s go to work!
    See you next week with some news 🙂Helena.


Bonjour jeunes gens!

On va la faire courte, on a perdu, c’est triste, c’est même assez désespérant.
On voulait tous fêter ça comme il se doit (même ici à Brighton, où l’on aurait dit être dans un bar en France).

On se voit la semaine prochaine (oui – je vous l’avais dit, ça ne va pas être long aujourd’hui).



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