Crazy and busy week!


To begin, one very important information about the UK: summer is here! We had had few days of very very beautiful weather (like sun and 27° c) and now we have been having sunny every day! So, thanks this beautiful weather, we done a lot of stuff.

  • On Monday, to celebrate  the beginning of the summer, we went to a drink after work, on the beach, with some other interns. It was so lovely and perfect! We really didn’t wanted to go back home and have been thinking about that is the perfect internship: a good day at work and a good after-work time.


  • So many things on Thuesday! It was the best day here, and at lunch time with the Professionals UK’ team we gone swimming in the sea and eat on the beach (yes, what we can called the perfect lunch time in Rottingdean).

    In the afternoon, with my manager Bella, we made a half internship summary. Yes, it surprised myself but I have already made more than the half of my internship! We spoke about what we have done and what we have been wanting to and have been planning to do for this two other months here. I’m sure this two new months would be really motivating and crazy! But I keep all these surprises for me, you will see week after week.
    And yes, we made the meeting in the very lovely garden of the office, just to be sure to have had a perfect day.

    And to finish this day, with a lovely group of interns, we made a barbecue on the beach! The beach was so busy and looked like a huge kitchen, with so many people making the same thing. It was really a good time and we hope we will have another opportunity to made it again.




  • On Friday, at the office we had a training about video in the office. So, Jaz spend almost all the day with us to explain how took perfect video and how do all the montage (film editing) on the computer. Very interesting day, and so I hope you will watch very soon great videos on all the Professionals UK’ social networks!
  • Friday night and Saturday night, with some interns we have got a drink in the city and as usual, the night life in Brighton is really incredible (and compared to Lyon in France, I could come back at home in the night alone I have never had any problems here).
  • On Sunday, we went to Leeds Castles and Caterbury thanks to Discovery tours. It was a lovely day, but I suggest to read more about it on this article.


    Leed Castel



    See you next week, I will have more information about London (I will spend the week-end in London with a friend)!


Bonjour jeunes gens!

Cette semaine, l’été est enfin arrivé à Brighton (enfin l’été anglais j’entends, mais c’est déjà tellement bien). Ca ne vaut pas les 35 degrés que certains ont en France mais ici au moins on n’étouffe avec cette chaleur.

Ce beau temps donne vraiment envie de bouger et d’en profiter! Comme par exemple le barbecue sur la plage, qui était tellement génial.

Ce week-end, on en a profité pour pas mal sortir et on est de nouveau allé au Paterns (toujours aussi bien) et ensuite au Volks (et au contraire, même si le club ferme très tard, je ne vous le conseille vraiment pas, l’ambiance y est assez bizarre, tout comme la clientèle).

A la semaine prochaine!


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