Bristol Bus

Taking the Bus in Bristol


Do you live in Bristol or you just have planned to go for a weekend? Thinking about taking the bus is a really good idea! The bus network is good in Bristol and you can go almost everywhere in the city and all around.

I was surprised that the bus ticket is not really expensive (compare to London for example). I have bought a ticket for one day (as student) only for £2.80 (and £4 if you are not a student) directly in the bus.


One thing to know, in a lot of buses, isn’t any way to know which is the next bus stop (no screen or voice). So be careful and don’t hesitate to ask to the driver or other person!

One more tip, you can download two very useful mobile’ applications:

  • The First Bus M ticket to have you ticket or saver on your mobile
  • The First Bus Travel Information to have the maps, the times and news

Need more information? Go on the first bus website.

Enjoy Bristol!


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