Visiting Bristol


I have had the great chance to go in Bristol for few days. Just for visiting, spoke with other interns and took a lot of picture for my company’ website and social network.

So, if you want to visit Bristol or you plan to do an internship in Bristol, here are my feelings and tips about this city!

  • Bristol have two train station: Temples Meads and Parkway. If you want to be directly in the city centre, definitively, choose the Temples Meads train station! You can go by foot or by bus in a really short time from this station to the centre for Bristol.

Temple Mead Bristol

  • In Bristol, you will find (and you can’t miss it) a huge shopping centre call Cabot Circus with an incredible number of shops, restaurants, coffee and cinema.
    And it’s mainly indoor, great for the English weather.
  • The Harbourside and Millenium place quarter: is a lovely and lively place in Bristol. A lot of restaurants, coffee et bar, some shops and the Avon rivier.
    It’s a perfect place to have a walk, to eat, to discover the M Shed museum (about the history of Bristol) and to try the ferry !

  • Clifton is a part of the suburb of Bristol. Very chic (and expensive) part of the city, go to have a walk, enjoy the atmosphere and the landscape and having a coffee or a drink.


  • The University of Bristol is a lovely place to visit. But unfortunately, it’s was raining too much (even for the English weather) to take picture, so here are lovely pictureof Bristol but not the university!

  • One of the most visited attraction in Bristol is the Suspension Bridge. It’s a huge bridgeabove the Avon with an incredible view on Bristol and all around. Have a look in the tourist center, it’s just next to the bridge, it’s really informative about the construction and the history of this bridge.

  • Bristol is well know as an important city for street art and graffiti. You can see street art almost all around the city, you just need to look up. To have most information as possible, I decided to take part in the Bristol Street Art Tour. For a very reasonableprice, you will spent 2h with a guide (thanks Johanna, it was really great!), will have a lot of explanations and see a huge number of street art and graffiti. I have really enjoyed this time !

  • The bus is not so expensive in Bristol, if you want some information, you can read this article about taking the bus in Bristol.

    Bristol Bus

  • To have enough time to visit all of this, I stayed in Bristol 3 days. You can find here an article about Hostels in Bristol.
  • A last tip, if you can, don’t forget your student card in Bristol! So many discounts areavailable with the student card (and compared to Brighton, here my French student card works). From the bus to the restaurant, is really something useful!l!

As you can see on the photos, the weather was not really really good in Bristol the time I was here. But, as other interns said to me, that is really not always like this!

Bristol is really a living city with a strong student and street art culture. I’m sure you will have a great weekend, or better, a really great internship in Bristol!



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