Two incredible weeks!

Hi !

First, I apologies for forgetting last weekly recap (not really forgot, but more don’t have enough time) to miss the previous weekly recap. These two last weeks were really busy and crazy, always something to do between London, Bristol and Brighton!

So yes, these past 2 weeks, I moved around a lot in UK, between funny and professional times.

  • I have spent one week-end in London, just to visit and had good times. During this week-end, it was the Prudential Ride London Free Cycle. It was a huge cycling ride, or most a tour, in central London with traffic free roads. So incredible to see the big streets in London without any cars and with all these bikes. And, without cars, the streets were so quiet! Prudential-resized-for-webPrudantialLondon
    And don’t ask how, but we found a really good and so inexpensive (£30 for two huge meals and a bottle of wine) oriental restaurant in London, The Faanoos Restaurant (in Chiswick).
  • After this week-end, I gone 3 days in Bristol for work. The goal was discover the city, take some pictures for the website and the social networks, write some content for the website’ company and for this blog. So if you want to have some tips about Bristol, you can visit these 3 articles:
  • Last week, the new tower I360 opened in Brighton. It is a really high tower with a seeing platform to see all the landscape in Brighton and all around. The same day (so, the 4th of August), they planned to do a fireworks, but due to bad weather, it was postponed, so maybe this week!


  • And, this week-end was the Brighton Pride. A really huge event in the city, and the UK’ biggest pride festival. Incredible atmosphere, so many people in the street. The only thing I didn’t really like is that some part of the event was paying … even some streets (so, yes to go back home, I have needed to made a big turn because some streets was closed to the public).

And the best thing was the lovely and sunny days during the Brighton Pride (compared to the 3 really raining days in bristol)!

See you next week for other news !

Helena C.


Bonjour jeunes gens!

Deux semaines sont passées ici et j’ai eu le temps de bouger!
J’ai passé un week-end à Londres, et j’avoue me sentir un peu ruinée entre le prix des transports en commun et les différents restaurants. Mais, cette ville est tellement vivante, cosmopolite et jolie que cela vaut vraiment le coup ! Je ne pourrais que conseiller d’y aller, ne serait-ce que pour une journée.

Grâce à mon entreprise, j’ai pu passer trois jours à Bristol, un peu plus dans le nord du pays, à l’ouest. Ce fut trois jours froid et pluvieux, peu mieux faire.
Cette ville n’est peut-être pas la plus belle ville que j’ai jamais vue, mais les deux stagiares que j’ai rencontré la-bas étaient carrément fan de la ville, de l’ambiance et de la vie à Bristol (ah, et ils sont absolument fan de cidre – prononcer cider – à Bristol).

A la semaine prochaine,

Helena C.

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