And 3 months after


Yes, I was surprised too, I’ve been here for 3 months! I realized that when I wanted to take the bus and my bus pass was already over!

Three months after, it’s strange because you have got used to so many things here: you know all the bus network, where to take a drink, where to have a meal, where to do your shopping …
But it’s almost the end of my internship too, only one month left! I already bought my flight ticket to go back in France (because it’s less expensive with an early booking) and have begun to prepare my return. But I still have so many things I want to do here.
Yes, the time flies really fast!

  • On Friday, with a friend we went to the Cinema seen Suicide Squad. It was a really great movie, but sometimes really hard to understand all the English words!


  • On Saturday, it was the I360 opening fireworks! So, with a group of friends, we went to the beach to saw it. The weather was great, the beach and the promenade were very busy, just the fireworks were … quick, really really short. We were really surprised, but it was better that than nothing (I think, maybe not).
    And after, we went to a bar (in fact, to many bars, but they were all so busy!) and just have enjoyed.


    Photo from Brighton Toy Museum

    This week plan to be a crazy crazy week, my French best friend come for few days (and so I will enjoy a long week-end!)!

    See you soon!

    Helena C.


Bonjour jeunes gens!

Encore une semaine ici, qui a vraie dire a été assez calme (bon ok, sauf le week-end).
Je me suis principalement occupée de trucs administratifs (c’est la joie de faire tout ca depuis un autre pays, ca ne complique pas du tout la tâche) et acheter mon ticket pour rentrer en France dans un moins!
Ca fait bizarre, en même temps un mois, ca me laisse le temps de faire plein de choses mais ca va passer tellement vite!
Bon après, pour le moment, même si j’adore vivre ici, je pense que je serai quand même contente de rentrer chez moi, voir ma famille et mes amis.

A la semaine prochaine !

Helena C.

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