Bank holiday!


Today, this article is a little late, yesterday was a bank holiday here, as every last Monday in August. So I have enjoyed again a long 3-day week-end!

  • On Tuesday, with my manager we went to another company to done  … video interview. It was really great to see other interns and the manager happy for the internship. And more, now we were really confident using the camera and microphone (not like the first time we forgot to turn on the microphone!).
    The same day, we spoke with an intern from London, Niklas, who will begin to write on this blog and create some events in London, but you will see that after…
  • On Friday, with the other interns, we went to the pub the King and the Queen in Brighton to celebrate the last day of Robin, one of the interns here. You really need to try this pub, it’s a really traditional-huge-good atmosphere place with a garden to enjoy your drink in the summer.
  • I have passed this week-end with my mother and my sister in London (it’s very quick to come from France to London). It’s not my first time in London, so I have begun to be really confident about where to go and how to take the public transport.
    We visited two places I have never gone before: Harrods and Madame Tussauds.Harrods is a HUGE department store, with all you need from foods to clothes. But with a … expensive price, so maybe you can find some souvenir for your friends and family but maybe nothing more. You really need to visit this place, the decoration is beautiful and it’s a historical building in the UK.

    Madame Tussauds is a museum with wax replicas of famous celebrities & historic icons in themed galleries. The waxwork has been so real and sometimes has been really strange, we have just thought that they will move!
    The only bad thing it’s that is a really busy place, it’s not easy to take photo and it could be smart to buy ticket in advance!


See you next week, very close to the end of my internship here!



Bonjour jeunes gens!

Un long week-end encore ici grâce à un lundi férié. Si j’ai bien compris, chaque dernier lundi du mois d’aout est férié … pour fêter la fin des vacances d’été. Autre chose intéressante à noter ici, si un jour férié tombe un jour de week-end, il est reporté le lundi suivant !

Ma mère et ma sœur m’ont rejoint à Londres ce week-end, ce fut donc quelques jours très animés ! Entre les restaurants, les ballades et les visites, elles sont également tombées sous le charme de la capitale Anglaise.
Bon peut-être moins de la nourriture anglaise en général mais heureusement qu’il y a les restaurants Italien pour rattraper le tout !

Le mois d’aout touche à sa fin, à peine encore trois semaines ici. J’ai beaucoup de projets prévus en rentrant en France, donc je ne suis pas spécialement triste de rentrer, mais c’est quand même fou à quel point ça passe vite !

Bonne semaine à vous,


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