Burgers in London

London has a big diversity of people. But its variety in food is even bigger. During my internship here I have already been to many good restaurants all over the town – but in this article I want to focus on places where you can get affordable and decent burgers.

Honest Burgers (14 different locations) 

(8-14 £) 


Founded in 2010 Honest Burgers first only served their burgers on markets and events. But as they got really good feedback they decided to lease a tiny unit in Brixton in 2011. 

Now you can try their burgers in 14 stores all over London. One burger is around 8-14 £ and they have a really good taste and a nice atmosphere in their stores. No matter if you want to go there with your mates or your colleagues at work – they are always worth a visit. 

awesome burgers, but expensive – very good homemade lemonade

My recommendation: Honest Burger (10,5 £) 


Dirty Burger (11 different locations) 

(6-13 £) 



Dirty Burgers is a mix of fast food and restaurant. They offer good burgers and its affordable to eat there. Most of the stores are quite small but they however have their very own atmosphere.

good place to eat but a bit fast foodish


My recommendation: Dirty Bacon 

Burger & Beer (Magic Roundabout, Old Street) 

(8-13 £) 



Hidden in the middle of the old street roundabout there is a place called “magic roundabout”. You can hardly see this restaurant from outside but you can enter it using the entrance inside old street station. During daytime they offer really good burgers and when the night comes, they metamorphose and turn into an outside nightclub / bar. Once you are inside the roundabout you feel like you are not in a big town anymore – the beach atmosphere they offer is perfect to recover from stress or the daily life in a big city like London. 

good taste, good price, nice atmosphere

My recommendation: Angry Burger (8,5 £)

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