Great Fire 350 festival

The great fire of London took place in 1666. It lasted for four days, from 1 September until 5 September and destroyed  around 13.000 houses, 87 churches and the St. Pauls cathedral.

Great Fire 350 marks its 350th anniversary with a season of events happening in different places all over the town. In this article I would like to share some impressions of this weekend with you.


1. The Dominoes


One of the key events during the Great Fire 350 festival are the domino routes built across the centre of London. They stand for the routes the fire took 350 years ago when it was burning down most parts of the town. Therefore 23,000 blocks were placed by over 500 volunteers.

The 4 mile route started at the Monument which was built to mark the point where the fire started. From there it continued to Bank where it splitted into three. One chain then led to the Gherkin, another to St. Pauls and the third to Barbican.

2. The Great Fire


Another highlight of the festival was the 120-meter long wooden model of the city of London in 1666. It was built by the Artichoke, the arts company responsible for many art projects like London Lumiere and the Sultans Elephant. The Great Fire 350 is one of their bigger projects as it required a massive amount of organisation like crowd control and street closure.

The giant model was burned at 8.30 PM. There were tousands of people watching it and multiple livestreams on the internet.

3. St. Pauls Cathedral


From September 1-4 dramatic coloured flames were covering the dome of the St.Pauls cathedral. The projection was developed by the artist Martin Ferrell and was switched on from dusk to 11PM from Thursday to Sunday.

In case that you have missed this amazing festival you can still watch a nice BBC documentation online: click me.



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