Oxford and Windsor tour!


Saturday, thanks to Discovery Tours I went with two friends (two German interns) to Windsor and to Oxford. It was a really fast day, to have enough time to visit these both cities and enjoyed ourselves!

Discovery Tours is a company which organises trips in the UK and in Europe. In departure of Brighton, London, Hastings, Eastbourne or Worthing, you can take part in one day trips (like Cambridge or Bath) or multiday trips (like Bruges, Paris or York). I have already done a trip in Leeds Castel and Canterbury, if you want to discover the review.


  • We left Brighton at 8:20 am and arrived nearly at 10:30 to Windsor and Eton. It’s a really rich (and royal) city next to London. In this city, you can see Windsor castle, the queen’s favourite castle. If you arrive in good time you can also see the changing of the guard ceremony, it’s really fast but compared to Buckingham Palace, you really can see it!


  • After, we went to a park just next to the castle, if I haven’t made a mistake it’s the Long Walk. And, incredibly we found the “concours of elegance” with a huge number of luxury cars!
  • We just had time to buy a sandwich before leaving Windsor at 12am and arrived nearly at 2pm in Oxford.

  • We began with a guide tour in Oxford to see the main avenues and the Bodleian library, the biggest library in Oxford and one of the biggest in the UK. Because it was only the beginning of September, there was no student in the street, library or university, but in fact Oxford is almost a university-city!

    After, we went to Christ Church, a very beautiful college in Oxford. The price is additional, £4.50 with a student card. They said it’s as “the Harry Potter” college because some scenes was filmed in this college, but I felt that is the same architecture and atmosphere than in the Happy Potter movie, nothing more.

  • During the free time, we walked in the street, discovered the covered market (please visit this part of the city!) and after we enjoyed a very British afternoon tea in a cafe (because it was raining, we felt much better inside!).
  • And just before leaving, we went to the Ashmolean museum (next to the coach departure point). It’s free to visit and really interesting, so if you have enough time before leaving, take time to have a quick visit.

  • At 5pm, time to went back to Brighton! We arrived around 7:30, a long but perfect visit day.

    Christ Churh Oxford (10)Christ Churh Oxford (13)

Oxford is a worldwide well known city, mainly for all the universities. If you have the chance to visit the city, just go! The huge benefit with Discovery Tours is you know you will see the most important and beautiful part of the city. And, even from Brighton it’s not too long in bus.

Thanks to your guide, Karleen, who was very smiling and motivating throughout the day.

See you soon!

Helena C.

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