Shoreditch – Hipster´s Paradise!

Hi Friends,

I hope you all had a lovely week so far!

I thought to write about my favorite place in West London: Shoreditch! Camden and Notthing Hill are out of date, the scenery is coming together in the colorful, crazy area where the trends coming into being.

In comparison to Germany where everybody attentions is to follow the latest trends by checking the new collection from Zara and H&M out, the people here have a completely different understanding from fashion.

It´s all about VINTAGE; which means old, unique and of course worn. Shoreditch is full of vintage stores, which you already see from afar, it´s there where the old school music comes out of the speaker and where the hipsters (that means that they´re just be extravagant and in reference to fashion in their own world) mark their district.

My favorite stores are: Rokit and BLITZ.


However I don’t want to rave just about the fashion, let me mention “Boxpark“.

It´s funny because at my second day here in London I already found a little side job at BOXPARK in Shoreditch. The restaurant is called “Chickenbox“ and is the place where old and young are meeting, chatting and enjoying the sun (obviously two weeks a year).

As you guess I was more than surprised to find something that quickly because my expectation was walking through London to find a cool place to work and that would be of course more exhausting, right?!

And Boxpark is definitely different; it’s constructed of stripped, and refitted shipping containers, creating unique, low-cost, low risk pop-up stores. So to all my shopaholic friends out there: Dont miss the change to get your hands on the cool clothes (vintage included – but not only don’t worry) in these stores. Trust me, it´s worth it!

So thanks to the lovely manager called “G“ .


So Guys, hopefully you liked my first real Blogpost and I would love to get in contact with you all to bring the community more together.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful sunny week!

With the best wishes,



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