Oh, it’s already the last week!


Yes, it’s my last week in Brighton, so as well my last article on this blog. Don’t worry, we have new writers on The Intern Times so this blog is not dead!
So I was thinking of doing things differently this week, so not a day-to-day recap but more something general, about all my experience here in Brighton at Professionals UK.

Maybe you know or maybe not, I have been here for 4 months to have done an internship between my 4th and 5th school years. Every summer, we need to do an internship with my school and this year I have finally taken the decision to leave my comfort zone in Lyon and improve by English through an experience in the UK.

I have been working at Professionals UK, an internship provider in the UK for international students. I joined a 7 lovely people in Rottingdean, a village just next to Brighton and have worked as assistant marketing manager.

I understand your question, what are your tasks when you are assistant marketing manager like me? I want to say, it really depend on the company! I have had the chance here to have a very multi-skilled job, so never doing the same work every day.

I have had 5 main tasks:

  • The website: update the design and the content of the website, create new page and content. It’s a big job, mainly at the beginning to update the design of all the website! Now it’s done and I just need to add content sometimes and check if all works.
  • The Interns Times: at the beginning, this blog was called “Helena in Brighton” and was just a way to told my story here and improved my writing skills. Finally, we improved the concept of the blog, changed the name as “the intern times” and invited other interns using Professionals UK to find an internship, to write in this blog. Some are here just for on article, other plan to write more than article. I hope you will enjoy all these new authors!
  • The social networks: when I arrived, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were set up and, depend on the month, not really active. So we have created a social media strategy, to know which social networks we will use, why, with which content and for which target. So we decided to create a YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram and kept the other social networks already in use.
  • Create content: for all these medias, we need content. So one of my tasks has been to create content. It could be like here writing blog’ article, it could be filming and editing review video from intern and manager (video you can find in your YouTube account), or even better and go to a city to have new ideas to write content and take picture (it for that I went 3 days to Bristol or for example 1 day to Oxford or to London – yes, it’s really great!). But it has been a lot of other things like create the design for a brochure, create content for other agent …
  • Professionals UK’ ambassador: this one is a funny story, because it was absolutely not schedule for my internship. The second week here, I asked my manager some email address from other interns in Brighton and absolutely naturally we begin to see each other on a regular basis. So we were thinking that it could be a great idea to have in each city, where interns are living thanks to Professionals UK, an ambassador to create an intern’ community and so meet new people! But yes it’s a huge work to create all of this thing but I’m sure it worth it, as my manager said “what have you create ?!?” ! And now all new interns have received a welcome email during the first week in Brighton and we have made the same in London with Niklas.

I think it’s all! It’s not really easy to summarize 4 months in only few sentences! I need to go back in France to finish my study but there are still so many things to do here, 4 months is really not enough to create all the things we have planned!

But, going to another country it’s not just about experimenting a new job in another language, it’s also about experimenting a new culture. So, yes, English people are really crazy and so nice, yes English food is not the best I have ever tried (but, you can find a lot of good restaurants, the best I think are the Italian restaurants) and yes the English weather is … English (at least, when it’s a beautiful day here, they really enjoy the day, stopping all the usual plan. And when it’s a bad day, they don’t really mind, they just keep going).

One of the best things in an international city like Brighton is to meeting a lot of different nationalities. So, besides the English culture I have discovered a lot of other cultures (and good luck to anybody who tries to organize a barbecue with Dutch – who eat between 6pm and 7pm – and Spanish – who eat more from 9pm).

Even if you try avoiding French people, you will speak a little of French every week. But you will still improve your English! One tip I can give to you, it’s to do an English test the first day here and the last day, to see the difference I have done these two tests from Cambridge: General English and Business English, the first time I have got 14/25  for both tests and now I have 21 and 22/25 (so, thank you Julie – my colleague here – for all the time you spent with me to correct all my English mistakes in this blog!).

And during this last week, I have so many other things planned, like doing a 10 min presentation in front of 30 people at 8 in the morning (yes, it’s not a joke), going again to London, going to a restaurant with all the team for my last day, having a drink with A friend and … flying back to France!

So, if you are not sure that coming in the UK is a good idea, stop thinking and come here! And don’t forget, just enjoy every minute here.

Helena C.

Bonjour jeunes gens!

Il fallait bien que ca arrive un jour, mon stage à Brighton touche à sa fin! Dernière semaine en Angleterre, dernière semaine de stage, avant une semaine de vacances en France et surtout le début d’une nouvelle année scolaire (la dernière!) et le début d’un nouveau travail.

J’espère que je ne vous ai pas trop ennuyé durant ces 4 mois et ce blog restera actif, d’autres stagiaires ont et vont prendre la relève!

Bonne continuation à vous tous,

Helena C.

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