London Markets!

Hi Friends,

I hope you all are well and have a wonderful time in London so far!

My absence can be explained by the visit of my mom from Germany. She was almost five days here and we discovered the hints to see the secret and hidden places of London. Of course I´m already two months here but to be honest living in London while having a job is something completely different than being here for holiday.

Let´s talk about the markets of London.

When I think of the markets here, the first markets coming into my mind are; Lane Market, Camden Lock Market and Columbia Flower Market. I’ve already been to all of them, so I asked one of my best friends in life called “Google“ which market is worth to see in London; so we ended up at the Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill.

When we got out of the Notting Hill station we we´re supposed to walk 10 minutes till we get to the market. Guys I love this place; to be honest describing a just special place is hard you definitely have to see it! Walking through these lined up, colorful houses reminds me of a fishing village in Greece.

Next to for example the Camden Lock Market this place is completely different; it´s not filled in of hungry tourists searching for something to buy somewhere.



It has been a market since the 1800s, but became particularly famous for its antiques in 1950s and you can definitely feel this atmosphere.

On your right as well as your left you see little antiques stand where you can walk through and float in thoughts about the antiques of your grandma and grandpa which reminds you those things.

And then we found such a cool place!

Through the crowds of people walking to the food direction we heard live music coming from a big tent. After we went into this tent we didn’t want to leave anymore but I think you have to persuade yourself. As you can notice from the pictures underneath this, i would call it “outside chillplace“, is full of street art with a lovely, cozy home-atmosphere.
Sitting on the big couches and listening to the second band of i guess a mixture of Rock and Jazz music


So Guys, hope you all liked my Blogpost and I wish you a lovely weekend and don’t forget: ENJOY YOUR TIME! – The time is running so fast it´s unbelievable; I´m already leaving in almost 3 weeks L and I´m of course everything but happy about it!

Xx, Sophie

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