Sophie’s final week in London

Unfortunately for the last time:

Hello Friends!

I can’t believe that this week is almost my last week in London 😦

I feel as would be yesterday when I arrived packed full with way too much stuff in this big & beautiful city. The time was literally running!

To be honest I’m the opinion that the amount of three months for an internship in England is definitely too short. Obviously you need already one month here to get an overview; which place offers the best cafe, where can I maybe get a little side job (that was something I really wanted to reach for – YES! I’m working in a fashion company and yes I’m a Shopaholic, so there’s just one solution: a little job for part time!).

I had an unbelievable time here and after that time there´s one thing I can say: I’ll come back!

I don’t know whether for university or something else but London is THE city I want to live in.

While I was here, I met inspiring, crazy and cool people and I’ve learned a lot. I didn’t know before that I was good in living alone and managing everything on my own. But I really love being on my own and concentrating just on myself! It´s weird because when I hear people saying something like “..I needed it to recover myself..“ I always thought that this is a bit strange.. but it´s not!


The best thing after graduating is doing some experience abroad.. You become more independent, strong and I would say confident. The internship in London was absolutely the best decision I could have made, and of course, there were people in my family or friends of mine, which were a bit skeptical if that is the right way, but the best thing is not giving up and holding on to your dream.

London and the internship here inspired me to do something more on my own when I get back and I´ll look forward, trying the best I can to reach what I have in mind.

The first thing is creating my own blog about fashion, beauty and travelling 🙂

So I wish you all guys, especially my intern friends, an unforgettable time here in London; try to do the best you can and enjoy every second!

Xx Sophie

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