Laavanya’s New Adventure

Hey guys!

So, this is my first blog entry ever, so bear with me!

First things first, who am I? I am a Swiss student currently living in Hove, near Brighton. My name is Laavanya Amirthalingam (I know it looks horrifying but it is an ‘ordinary’ loooong Tamil surname), but you can call me simply Lavy 🙂 . I am from Thun, which is a small town near the capital city Bern, with a beautiful lake and surrounded by the impressive Alps.

I speak several languages, my mother tongue is (Swiss) German and Tamil and I also speak French (it has become a little bit ‘rusty’ as time went by, which is really a shame), and of course English. I have started my Masters in English Languages and Literature, with Minor in Geography. I want to become a teacher and therefore I must do a stay abroad for at least six months in an English-speaking country. This is the reason why I am where I am. My passion is to travel, explore new countries, cultures and people. Therefore, an internship in Brighton seemed like the perfect way to combine my passion and obligation, and to gain some work experience.

So, I have decided to start my adventure in September 2016 in Brighton. The past four months I worked and gained some teaching experience at Brighton and Hove High School. It is a girl’s only secondary private school, including 6th form. Personally, it was quite unusual for me to be at a gender separated school and furthermore, that it was private, and what struck me the most is that the kids wear uniforms here. In Switzerland, the state schools normally are gender mixed and you could wear your own cloths. During my first placement, I have assisted teachers and could also do some starters (teach half of the lesson) in the following subjects German, Geography and English. Of course, I had to do more boring stuff as well, helping basically everyone who needed a hand – you know the drill of being an intern. I really enjoyed the different assemblies and to get to know the girls and all the fun activities (including taking part in ‘Ninja Warrior’ against other staff to collect money for charity). I must say I have learned a lot, but it was not as challenging as expected. Therefore, I got the opportunity to change my internship.
The advantage of being at a school was that you have holidays, perfect to explore UK. I’ve done some day trips with my friends and sightseeing and been to York and Cardiff. And several times to London – yeah, I am London bound for sure!

New year, new placement. Wow, time flies and only two more months to go, until I go back to normal. I have just started my digital marketing internship today at Professionals UK in Rottingdean (a charming village near Brighton). I am sure I am going to have a fabulous time and the ladies gave me a warm welcome. First, I did a personality test to help identify my strengths. Second, I did two English tests (Cambridge General English and Business Preliminary) to see my progress at the end of my internship. Third, to write this blog, here you go.

So far, I love everything about Brighton, the beach, the sea, the Brighton Pier, fish and chips, the beautiful sunset, the open-minded people, lively Lanes, Cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. I certainly chose the right place for my internships, there is always something going on here 🙂 . Not to forget, my host family, which become like my second family.

What is life but one grand adventure – Happy New Year folks! If you haven’t booked your flight already for this year, do it now, and remember to go to a place you never been, at least once a year.



P.S.: The funny thing about my adventure is, I had an American accent, now I have adopted the British accent!

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