Meyers Briggs Personality and English Test

Hi folks!

Hurrah! I’ve survived my first week at Professionals UK. I am kidding, honestly, it was a great week. Every day I learnt something new and I am so delighted to work with the lovely ladies. I have to say, that Bella, my supervisor, takes time for me to explain everything in great detail and she is always available when I need her help.

If you are not bored yet and still interested in how my first week was, keep reading 🙂

First, my task was to take the “Myers Briggs Personality” test, which helps to identify your natural strengths. Additionally, it shows how your personality is and your preferences for interacting in the world. This can help to identify your strengths in the work place, in working with others and in organising yourself. If I awaken your curiosity, go and check your strengths. Simply click on the link below and answer the questions (will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes).

I can assure you, the results were surprisingly enough quite true (I was like “how on earth?”). I am welcome to share my results with you guys, what personality type I am, if you first tell me yours below in the comment box. Once you have taken the test, they will give you a detailed description of your personality type.

Personally, it is a good reflection of your personality to see whether you can relate to the results or not.

Second, I took two English tests, General English and Business English. Most of the students who come to England want to improve their English skills. I think this is a good way to check if you did. I would suggest taking the test at the beginning of your stay and a second time at the end and to compare your scores. Please keep in mind, that this is not a “test”, it is a fun way to learn more about your current language level.

Third, I wrote my first post for the blog The Interns Time, which I hope you all read,
if not here is the link. I learned how to use WordPress and I was told to make sure I only use royalty free photos or your own. Also, I wrote my post first in Word and I had to make sure that the format stays the same. Hence, I copied my text into Notepad and copied this bit finally into WordPress and voila! Check out the exciting stories of the other interns all over UK and get inspired.

If you know me well, you know that I love travelling and exploring new cities. When Bella told me that I could visit Manchester and write a post about it, I was over the moon. I am very excited about the trip from 1st February till 5th February. Also, my friend from Switzerland will come and visit me. I can’t wait!

As you might have noticed after reading this post, I learned a lot about different helpful websites. What I enjoyed the most during my first week is, to be creative, be that in a written form, editing images or creating videos.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Hopefully until soon,


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