Hit the Road – Manchester Guided Tours

Hi there!

Thanks to friend, I didn’t have to be on my own for the weekend. I could have gone “home” on Friday but I stayed there, as she wanted to visit me at that weekend. Instead of me rushing back to Brighton, we decided that I stay there and she joins me, as she has never been in Manchester either. 

If you love big breakfasts, then Bill’s is a must. They have a good variation of food, even for vegetarian. I had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup – yummy! After a full tummy, the right thing was to walk.

We took part of the Manchester Guided Tours. The meeting point is in front of the Central Library. I don’t want to spoil all Manchester’s secrets. Our Tour Guide was hilarious he was so funny, even if he talked about serious things, i.e. architecture, history (battle, bomb, warehouse, class), science, politic, religion, etc. What amazed me is even though John Dalton was a scientist, he kept daily meteorological records of Manchester for fifty years! Therefore, the Medieval passage is dedicated to Dalton. It is at the Boardman’s Entry, which is a short passage and you should look up and you will see metal umbrellas. Our last stop was the Manchester Royal Exchange Limited, where the Corn Exchange took place. Again, look up to see the board. Now it is renovated to a theatre.

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You wont believe me, the day went by so fast. We were really fortunate that the sun was shining, but at the same time clear sky means low temperature – it was freezing outside! Anyhow, we enjoyed our guided tour and we have learnt lot’s of new things about the great city. Only recommend the tour.


One more day in Manchester!

Bye for now




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