Why do all good things come to an end? Come to an end, come to an…

My last week in Brighton

Hi guys!

I hope you read all my posts (I know you didn’t but never mind. You can still do it 😉 ). I remember the first week in Brighton, I thought “wow, six months is a long time to be away from your loved ones” but, as people say time flies when you are having fun, it literally did! I still cannot believe that I am going back on Saturday. The last two months I’ve worked for Professionals UK, as you might know. Well I really enjoyed working as a digital marketing intern and commuting to Rottingdean. It is such a lovely village and (omg) our view from our office is so nice; the little pond with ducks and the windmill. When the weather is nice, I usually go to the beach or stroll through the charming village. Here are some photos:

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The team gave me a warm welcome and I had an amazing time with them. They were all very cheerful and helpful and most valuable, very encouraging! I always wrote down all the English expression, which were new to me. I just love how everyday was different and how quickly the day passed. We had often a good laugh and it’s nice to have a good atmosphere at the office. I never felt like: “oh no, it’s Monday again!”.

If you are wondering what I was doing during the past months and why I had such a good time. Here you go:


  • Social media: I looked at the social media strategy of Professionals UK (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and how to improve them and accordingly gave my inputs. Additionally, I updated them and scheduled posts on Hootsuite, which is quite handy when you want to have an overview of all your social media accounts 😉
  • Student blog: I wrote a post at least once a week. Also, posted other intern experiences on the blog using WordPress. My written English was not very good and I personally think that writing all these posts really helped me improving. (Thank you, Julie, for spotting my mistakes!) To add, at school or Uni I never enjoyed writing, since they have rules how to write certain things, but here you have more liberty. Thus, I enjoyed writing weekly posts. (I just think, it is nice when people leave comments below, to receive feedbacks 😉 )
  • Website: I created a welcome Videoscribe video for the homepage. It was really fun creating it, as I could be as creative as I wanted. Also, I wrote new content for the city pages (Brighton and Manchester). (I hope it will soon be uploaded.)
  • YouTube videos: I edited testimonial videos using iMovie
  • Breakfast networking: I attended two events with Julie and it was nice to meet other local companies. It starts really early at 7.30am and then you go and speak to somebody and try to find out who they are and what they do (with coffee in your hand, sometimes two!). Our target was to find companies who would like to take interns of course. (It felt a bit like speed dating, because if you are not interested you move on to the next person or group, if so you exchange not phone numbers but business cards. Not that I know how speed dating works!) After a lot of talking and a handful of business cards, and as a cherry on top of the cake, we had nice breakfast at the end. While you are having your breakfast, some speakers/coaches give their advice. I got some nice tips.
  • Newsletter: I’ve updated and created newsletters to send to agents on Mailchimp
  • Trip to Manchester: I did a lot of research, created a city page, did blog posts about this city, met other interns in Manchester. If you never been to Manchester, you have to visit it!
  • New companies and competitor: did some research and a excel sheet
  • Student ambassador: we met the London and Brighton student ambassador for lunch and they’ve explained what they were doing and how they feel about improvements. Their main task is to arrange a meeting with other interns in the city, which is a great opportunity to meet new people from all around Europe. Who knows, maybe you will meet your new friend at the next meet up!

To summarise, I had a positive experience and learnt so much considering the fact, that I don’t know anything about marketing! As you could see, I did various things and thanks to Bella, I learned so many different tools and useful websites! I just love how everyday was different, in terms of work.

I am not only sad because this internship comes to an end, but also my adventure. I travelled a lot around the UK; I went to London a couple of times, York, Cardiff, and Manchester. I am now a real pro in packing, lol. (I would have travelled more, but the Southern Railway was just rubbish with its strikes, that’s why I didn’t fancy being stuck in lonely stations. Which was a real shame!). I always travel a lot, but never went away for such a long period. So, at the beginning I was really nervous, because I didn’t know what awaited me abroad or what to expect from the internship. How am I going to find new friends or do I like Brighton, etc. But I have to say I fell in love with Brighton straight away. It is so lively, you have the beach (pebbles not sand!) and the pier, the lanes with the individual shops, and all the multicultural restaurants. Then, the crazy and welcoming and very open minded people. It is such an international city, with University- and language students, or people like me who do internships. Nobody cares how you look like in terms of clothes or hair colour. Hence, nobody judges you!

Did I mention the English culture? Without noticing I acquired some of the peculiar typical British habits.

  • Yes, it is all about tea! If you do like tea, like me, you are in heaven. They have tea time (but they drink tea all day every day!). What is more, the Brits take it to a next level. Have you had Cream Tea or High Tea? If not, don’t forget to try it the next time you go to the UK. You will love it, I promise. (Bella’s advice on your first day at work: offer to make tea, which makes a good impression and shows you appreciate their culture.) Then, what is tea without biscuit.
  • If you didn’t notice it. I bet you did. They are too friendly and apologising. For example, if you want to sit next to a person in the bus, they say “sorry”. Then when they want to stand up to get off the bus and were sitting at the window seat and you have to stand up for letting them go, they say (guess what?) “sorry, thank you”. Another example which illustrates this is; if you bump in somebody on the street and it was your fault, they would say (again) “sorry”. No matter whose fault it is, they say “sorry”. Also “Thank you ever so much” is an expression you hear all the time. Which is, really nice.
  • Drinking habit of the Brits is a funny thing. They do love alcohol and get drunk and the best part, they are not even ashamed of it. They would never say “no” to a drink. I really like the pub culture here. You will go for a drink in the afternoon, have for example Sunday roast or even attend the pub quiz, and children and dogs are welcome. Yeah, it is a big thing here.
  • Weather in UK is mostly rainy. You are wrong. It depends on where you are. During my six months, here in Brighton, the weather was not that bad. Almost the same as in Switzerland. The winter was mild but very windy. It even snowed twice in Brighton, but didn’t last long (total chaos on roads for a little snow, that didn’t even last for a minute!).
  • The Brits are very cautious as well. If you are in London for example in the tube, you will hear and see the sign “mind the gap”. Or if the floor is wet, you will hear an announcement that the floor is slippery. When I worked at school, we had so much information about the health and safety (safeguarding).
  • There is not THE British accent or THE Queens English, there are plenty of different accents, depending on where you are (the same as in Switzerland, we have different Swiss German accents as well).
  • What is it about the heating? I was freezing in the house. I guess, they are used to it. In Switzerland, we have heating 24h! And how do you spot a tourist from resident in the UK, they wear no jackets and wander around with shorts or crop tops and skirts! Brr!
  • Don’t forget the British humour. Hilarious! (Something to laugh: British Memes  😉 )
  • I think we don’t have to talk about the English food. (fun fact: “The United Kingdom eats more cans of baked beans than the rest of the world combined”, oh wonder!) We silently accepts that there are plenty of other restaurants in Town. (But my host mum did a really good job though, nothing to complain!)

I will most certainly be in touch with my newly met friends and come back! On Monday, we went to Moshimo for my leaving dinner. I loved it so much, it had a conveyor belt with sushi plates, which you could pick. The food was incredible and I had such a good time. Thank you, Karen, Bella and Julie for the little present and the nice dinner! I felt a bit overwhelmed. I am really going to miss you all!

The sky is not the limit. Your mind is. – Marilyn Monroe. This is a nice quote to conclude my adventure and this post. If you are not sure whether you want to go for an adventure, because you are afraid of new things and out of your comfort zone. It is all in your head. Don’t hesitate, risk it, you won’t regret it! It was one of my best experiences, I’ve made. For sure!

What next? Following week, I am going to be at Uni and working at the cinema at the weekends. Basically, back to basics. It’s going be so weird and feels a bit surreal. … All the good things come to an end!

Unfortunately, this was my last post. Good bye!

Lavy ❤


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