Nina’s experience as a marketing and event management intern

Hey all!

My name is Nina Reuner and I am here in Brighton for a six-month Marketing and Event management Internship. I just can’t believe how time flies in this very lively city, i mean i nearly reached the end of my internship! And I really have to say that my English is so much better and I am so more confident when I speak! Thanks to my wonderful work I was in contact with so many people, which helped me so much improving my language skills.

I work was made of Event management and I was a big part of organising an European Festival and School tour of African musicians and dancers, which are based in Namibia, Ghana and Gabon. My tasks in Event management were helping to organise Events at our Media and Arts Centre here in Brighton and also helping out there. This was always a nice experience because I met so many people of different ages! Which is definitely a very good thing, when you’re new to a city! I was also working for my directors other organisation, which includes to organise the participation on Festivals in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. I think this was very important for me, because I learned how to deal with other people on a work base, which means there was a constant mail and telephone communication. And I can tell you, it was literally the best feeling ever when I achieved the first Festival booking!!
In the end, I can say that this Internship was an amazing experience!

So, what can I say about Brighton? Brighton is a very cool city to live in ! The people are friendly and so open-minded! Just have a walk on the seafront, when the sun is coming out (there wasn’t that much rain like I expected!!), go to the Brighton Pier, have some Churros or Donuts and just enjoy yourself! Brighton has so many sides, like the city and the beautiful Lanes with super nice Shops, but also an amazing landscape! If you’re free on a Sunday, go to the Devils Dyke and drink a hot chocolate after a nice walk at the Countryside!

I really hope that you will have a good time in the city, there are so many things to do!


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