Birte’s first days in Brighton


In my first blog post I will tell you about my travel to Brighton. I flew with British Airways from Amsterdam to Gatwick, London because there was no flight from Germany to Gatwick (besides from Munich but that’s far away from my hometown).

I had to get up at 4 am (it was hard but somehow, I managed to get myself out of bed that early in the morning). After I packed the last things and ate something my parents and I drove to Amsterdam airport. It would have normally take us about two and a half hour to get to Amsterdam but there were so many road works and no signs what road you must take instead to get to the airport. That was very nerve-racking because I didn’t want to miss my flight. After a while we’ve found our way to the airport. When we arrived at the airport I said goodbye to my parents and dropped my baggage off and made my way to the security check.


It took me a long time to get through the security check as there was such a long line. Directly after the security check in you had to go through passport control. They did only open a few counters which caused even longer line. At that point I was scared I’m going to miss my flight. So, after I got through passport control I ran a bit to get to my gate (it was pretty much the last gate so it was a long way). I thought I was too late but luckily the flight was delayed. When I arrived at the gate I saw my friends who are also doing an internship in Brighton. That we booked the same flight was coincidence but I was very happy to see them. We didn’t sit next to each other however that was no problem as I listened to music anyway (I might have fallen asleep).


After we have landed my friends and I met again at baggage claim. Since we were all hungry we bought some food and their bus tickets, I bought mine back at home in the internet, as we waited for our train to arrive we ate and talked a little.

The train ride took about 30 to 40 minutes. I already searched the bus I had to take to get to my guest family but I didn’t now to which bus stop I had to go to get one of the busses (there are three bus stops at Brighton train station). I asked two woman who unfortunately told me to go to the wrong bus station. That’s why I looked it up one google maps and found it. The bus ride was quick. Thankfully there is a bus stop close to my guest family so that I only had to walk about 5 minutes to get there. Finding the right house was pretty easy (actually easier than I thought). My guest family is very nice. Then I went grocery shopping for the first time in Brighton. I already know some grocery stores in the UK since this is my sixth time in England. Back at new home for the next month I’ve spent some time with my guest family to get to know them better. At the evening I facetimed with my parents.

The next day (Sunday) my guest father and I drove to a bigger Sainsbury (the one I went to the day before was just a small one). And because it was warm and sunny that day I decided to go to the beach later that day.


Well, that was my first weekend in Brighton I’m excited to see what happens next.


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