Best ways to prepare your English for your internship


I’m, personally, been always interested in the English language and want to improve my skills all the time. Luckily there are many fun ways to improve your skills or prepare your English.

Learning new vocabulary by just reading it can be boring fast but nowadays there many apps available that will help you studying. One of these apps is Duolingo ( When you first use Duolingo you must choose the language you want to learn and your native language. The apps allow you to decide how much time you want to spent on studying each day. In the app you have to translate sentence, which are quite funny sometimes, or sometimes complete a sentence. Each day the sentences are about different topics and it is free.

Another popular app is Babbel. It focuses on vocabulary and quality rather than quantity. You can even train your pronunciation since the app has a speech recognition technology. The negative part of the app is that you have to pay to have full access to all the courses. (

If you want to expand your vocabulary Memrise is a good app for you. You can even study on the app without an internet connection. It gives you the chance to learn the vocabulary in a playful way. (

Busuu is an app with a wide range of possibilities to improve your English. It is based on CEFR language framework. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced you will find different practice in vocabulary, dialogue, writing and tests. (

Learning in your free time
Besides apps there are of course other ways to improve your skills. You actually learn English in your free time without noticing. A very nice way is to watch movies or series in English instead of watching it in your native language. On YouTube, you can find many videos that explain British phrases and expressions or videos about the English accent ( and These are three popular YouTube channels that help you learning English.
youtube channels preparing english

Of course, there are also YouTube channels that help you to improve your business English. One example is Business English Pod ( They have videos for different job groups and general business videos like Answering the phone in English.

Maybe you need a little bit help to understand the videos. For that situation, you can add subtitles to the video for an easier understanding. Here is a link on how to add subtitles on YouTube:

If you don’t like watching movies or series, you can read an English book or listen to an audio book on English. Maybe you find good podcast on English. Many podcasts offer a written version of the audio which is helpful at understanding the content and learning the words.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has a podcast series that focuses on everyday phrases and slang. The podcasts are about three to four minutes long so there great to listen on the way. (

English Class 101 is another helpful podcast to improve your skills. You can choose podcasts for every level. You don’t only learn the language but some cultural information too. Besides vocabulary they also focus on phrases and the definition of some words. They talk about grammar too.

listen and learn
These short podcasts are great for people who want to improve their business English besides their general English. They also offer good support material.
These are just some examples there are many more to find. (
If you change the language from your native language into English at the given examples you can improve your English subconsciously.

Language study travel
If you don’t only want to learn the language but also learn more about the culture you can go on language study travel. I’ve been on two both in south England and both for two weeks. You can explore England in your free time and will have “school” in the morning (don’t worry often you only have about two or three hours of school on the weekdays). On my last study trip, we went to London for the weekend which was an amazing and exciting experience. And if you actually go on language study travel you could stay in a guest family. That way you have to speak a lot of English and you get a good insight of the English culture.

Other ways
In today’s world, nearly everyone owns a mobile phone, how about setting the language on your phone (or other devices like computer, tablet, etc.) to English. Here are the links on how to change the language on your phone:





I hope this blog post was able to help you getting prepared for you internship and wish you lots of fun and new experiences during your stay.


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