Guide on how to create and use a great LinkedIn profile

Hey everyone!

For all of you who don’t know what LinkedIn is, here is a little introduction: LinkedIn ( ) is a professional online business network. In fact, it is the most used business network in the world. In September 2016, the company had more than 467 million accounts, and more than 106 million of them are active. The website and app are available in 24 languages which will setting up an account way easier for you.

How LinkedIn can help you to apply for a job or an internship
You can upload your CV (make sure your CV has all the necessary information and is professional) so that potential future employers can get an overview about your skills and experience. Many employers do research on applicants, and having a professional LinkedIn account will make a better impression than a Facebook or Instagram account. You can add previous jobs, qualifications, schools you’ve been to to your LinkedIn account which is a great way to show your qualifications.

First steps
The very first thing to do, obviously, is to go on the website or download the app. The first thing you will see is a field where you can join LinkedIn. You must write your first name, last name, e-mail address and a password. Please make sure that your e-mail address is appropriate, for example After you enter the information you will receive an e-mail with an confirmation link. You must click on the link in order to continue.

Now you can add the school you have been to, jobs you worked in and/or the job you are currently working in. If you’re still going to school or university of course you can add that instead.

To make a good first impression I recommend a photo but not just any photo. It should be a professional photo, not a photo you would upload on your personal social media account. Other people and things like wearing a sunglass should be avoided. You can add or change your photo anytime in the settings.

Add as much information as possible about review over your education and job/work experience journey so far. It is necessary to use formal language all the time. If you speak more than one language you can add them and the level spoken. To add this information (and more) all you have to do is to click on each topic and complete the boxes.

linkedin 1

Improving your profile
To improve your profile, you can add a background image (best if it has something to do with the sector you’re working in). People can contact you via LinkedIn but maybe you want to add other ways to be contacted such as E-mail, Skype, Twitter, etc. To make sharing your profile easier you can create an URL (uniform resource locater/internet address). You can make your URL when you go to Edit contact info, the click on the link. You can then edit your URL at Edit public profile URL
1. linkedin 2
2. linkedin 3
3. linkedin 4
4.linkedin 5

Your interests
As in other social media you have a home page. This is a nice way to get some news on influencers, companies or topics you are interested in. Everything you have to do for a home page full of information about what you are interested in is to follow those companies, people, topics, etc.


linkedin 7.png

Profile Languages
A great way to make your profile a more international is to create your profile not only in your native language but in foreign languages like English. To create your profile in another language you must click on Create profile in another language at the top of your profile.
linkedin 8.png

linkedin 9

Create a network
LinkedIn is a great possibility to enlarge your professional/business network. You can search people you know or import contacts from your e-mail.
linkedin 10
If you don’t anybody on LinkedIn yet or don’t want to import your contacts you can find people related to your interest, former sector you worked in or current sector you work in. If you are doing an internship, this is a great opportunity to start building your professional network by connecting with your supervisor and colleagues. When you leave you can also ask your supervisor for a LinkedIn Recommendation which is great way of creating a strong profile.

Besides following specific people, you can follow groups. To follow groups, you have to search for the sector, for example Marketing, in the search bar. You then see the groups related to the sector.
linkedin 11.png
You can then ask to join the group. It is a good way to connect with a huge number of people who work or are interested in the same sector as you.

linkedin 12.png

It’s done!
Your LinkedIn profile is now ready to help you get the opportunity you want. On your profile, you can see how strong your profile is. Always update your profile if you gained new skills or experiences so it stays update and strong. There is the possibility to get an premium account which offers some extra features, like being able to see who viewed your profile, but this is not necessary for a good LinkedIn profile.

Good luck!


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