An outstanding adventure in Brighton

Hello everyone!

I am a teenager called Linh, I come straight from Belgium’s heart, Brussels. I have just graduated from high school and wanted to carry on studying Public Relations at university, though I was thinking a lot about this adventure I could experience by just jumping on this train which would take me to that wonderful British journey.

The choice has been way easier than having to face a dilemma about whether taking the lift or not because if you push the button and then it is too long waiting, you could take the stairs, but then while you’re getting down the stairs, the lift arrives, don’t you dare tell me it’s not true. Anyway, enough of it, you know what I am talking about. But so, here I am,victoria-alexander-271 copy in Brighton town, fresh as a daisy!

Well… OK, not as fresh as a daisy after those 6 hours of cars but we’re going to pretend it. What about my first day you would think, stop talking about your annoying trip Linh, we want to know about Brighton. Of course.

My first ever impression and experience in Brighton

My first day in Brighton was such a lovely day, what do I mean? I was in the UK finally and it was not raining. Fine, it was the last cheap joke. I first arrived with my family and had a very great impression of Brighton as we were driving along the seaside. The scenery was breath-taking. Then, once our checking was done, suitcases unpacked, all those dull things, we wandered around the city to find out more about Brighton. One weekend had already passed by and I had to be ready to have an independent life now.

First of all, my host gave me such a warm welcoming and since then, she is like part of my family. I got on really well with her and I am such a cheerful girl now. Afterwards, my first time at school came really quickly. I arrived at St Giles a little bit lost, obviously… I said to the receptionist, Javier “Hello, I am a new student”. It must have been hilarious for him as my face was clearly saying I was a new student. But then, very kindly, he took me through the school and I had my placement test. Although, beyond that academic stuff, there is a life experience. You also meet people. That is exactly what an international school is brilliant for. I met people all around the world and made a lot of good friends from exotic to cold countries. I meet so many lovely teachers and the staff was very nice as well, I was already sure British people were friendly but now, I have no doubts about it.sun-loungers-708579_1920 copy

What next?

What I’m about to tell you is very exciting, get your popcorn and your plaid out and be ready for any twist! I knew before coming to Brighton that I had a work-placement coming soon and I looked forward all the way through my course at St Giles.

At last, the big day arrived. I have been placed in a studio with some other students from Hastings. It was fun, we learnt how programs TV are created, how the weather forecast and the news are set up and all sorts of things. But I had too much time for me and I like to be busy, I am not going to lie. In spite of having too much spare time, I did some really exciting things, I wrote few articles for the local magazine as well and it made my days! After all, it was such a good experience to live even though, there were loads of ups and downs.

This is not the end of my internship experience, it was much more fun, who would have thought? I had then been working with such a lovely lady (you might have noticed how many time I used the word ‘lovely’, the only reason I can give you is that I’m becoming British perhaps, who knows? They cherish that word so much). I had done a marketing internship and it was so interesting as the company that LOVELY woman is running is a company which trains teachers to train, does that sound understandable? Anyway, I had the opportunity to interview an Egyptian teacher (yes, a Belgian girl coming from nowhere with a rubbish English, interviewing someone, you read it right). And that experience was so rewarding, it is not even possible to give words for that. You just share cultures and learn that you’re not the only one on this world. It is what we need nowadays, being together, respect and learn from each other. I agree, this is going way too profound but that’s the end of it anyway. I have a lot more to live and to learn with Professionals UK now. I’m delighted to have found out that place which is Brighton. I amseagull-13464_640 copy

surely going to miss the seagulls, the Pier and that melting-pot Brighton has. To end on something good, I remembered panicking -well, maybe not that good- because one friend of mine and I didn’t manage to find a restaurant and I said “Elisa, this is not possible.” She then went: “Oh yes, we’re in Brighton, everything is possible Linh”.

I hope I could have helped you perhaps, to have an idea about Brighton and what kind of things you could face when you’re going on a journey like this. Don’t forget the opportunity you have to discover the world and make some new friends, it is important. Also, MIND THE SEAGULLS, they are starving! Make the most of it!


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