All good things come to an end

Hello everyone!

I am happy to write for you again for a little bit of more entertainment… Sadly, I have one week to go before heading back to Belgium. I am about to leave with a heavy heart but full of memories I’ve ever lived in Brighton. I don’t regret anything I’ve done here. It has been such a wonderful experience and if someone would ask me if they should go or not, it would definitely be a “yes” for me (like The Voice, I would just turn my chair around)! Just go for it. Although, it’s even indescribable, I’m going to try to tell you why.

New Life Start

As every brand new student, I arrived here without anything -apart from my luggage obviously- and knowing anything, in a new city I’ve heard so little about. I was so excited but nervous at the same time and it’s part of it otherwise it wouldn’t be that fun!

At first, I went 3 months in an International Language School to improve my English, where I’ve met so many people from all around the world and it’s what made my experience so incredible. I’m not going to lie, you may found someone who speaks the same language as you. However, I reckon I did a huge progress, so do not worry about that and just switch your brain into English option or pretend you’re not from that country, it works… Tricky trick! I have been taught useful English expressions such as “I’ll arrive at 4 ish” because I no longer take risks since I know that I’m always late, oopsy daisy (other useful expression by the way). Or more, “drive somebody banana”.

Secondly, I got to do an internship in a media company which was quite uncommon I would say… It’s also experience and mainly to see that everything is not always as you want. You’re entering in another side of the world. I had to face a bunch of good and bad things, though that’s why it made it interesting at the end. It made me grow up and I’m even more grateful for that.

Thirdly, another work placement! How exciting does it sound, doesn’t it? I had the opportunity to work with a different society and be more familiar with marketing things this time which is helpful for my future.


“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.”

Then, I achieved my targets but there was such a hollow and empty feeling when I was thinking I had to leave. It turned out I could get extra time in Brighton. Well, okay… I heard there was a festival going on in May so it urged me to stay as well. But hey, more time in Brighton means more fun! I couldn’t waste my time either so I ask to be part of Professionals UK and as an administrator in my school, St Giles International. I think it was the best idea ever not that I found myself as a genius but I gained so much experience from it and learnt a lot for the future.

I also wanted to mention that it would be utterly different if it was not in that lovely city which is Brighton. It’s such an open minded, unexpected and lively city. One day, you could see a dog wearing a skirt, another day, you could see notes announcing a naked bike tour.

To sum up, I would only say this was like a huge dream I’ve just embodied and I wish everybody could live the same. It taught me more than just English, it taught me how to get out of my comfort zone, it made me grow up, be more independent, see life from another angle, learn different cultures, share, love and laugh, a union has beautifully been created. I am so thankful to my parents, all my friends, people I worked with and Brighton for this terrific adventure. Thanks a million! And I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my experience. Farewell See you very soon!

Take care,



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