Brighton, here I am !

Hello there!

Let me tell you the story of my journey from France to Brighton !

In order to obtain my diploma in foreign languages, I had to do an internship of 2 months abroad. As my studies are linked with international businesses, going abroad to learn how to work in a real company sounded pretty exciting ! I choose to go to UK because this culture attracts me a lot since I was a child.

I’ve already been to London twice and I fell in love with this city every time more.


To find a company, I have appealed an internship company, which found me one in Brighton… actually in the internship company itself! I was so excited and happy to discover this city which I’ve heard so much about. The Royal Pavilion, the seafront, the Brighton Pier …
I was also so enthusiastic about learning new things, gaining professional skills, in short, working!

So, I booked my plane tickets, packed my bags, left family, home and friends in France. Except my mother, she accompanied me to my accommodation in Brighton and left the following day. (If you are reading this, thanks mom.)
It was the first time that I left my parents and my city for a long time so I was excited and stressed at the same time.
I met one of my flatmates the first day. She showed me our flat and everything I should know. She seemed very nice and kind.

At first, I was feeling pretty lonely in this city. The only way I was doing was the way to Sainsbury. I am an outgoing person but it was difficult for me speak to people and to make humour in English, for fear of being ridiculous talking in English.

The first three weekends, I took the train to visit one of my best friend living in London.It was a kind of a loophole to escape a loneliness I was not used to. The good thing was that the more I discovered London, the more I felt this city could be a home for me. And my friend obliged me to speak English wherever we went, so I improved my English and could start conversations with other people.

Every time I came back to my house in Brighton, my sweet flatmate was here to chat, go out and spend some times together. We became more and more friend, and now I am very happy to know her. I am still surprised to have been able to make a true friend, by speaking another language.

Otherwise, at the office, it goes perfectly well! (except the keyboard, as it’s a little bit different than the French one). My managers are lovely and explain me all in detail, always here to help whenever I have a doubt about something. I need to be creative and imaginative, to create designs for the website and the blog. This is a task I love doing, as collecting datas to compare different cities in UK, in order to make give students as much information as possible for their future trip to UK. And I feel quite useful.

With my flatmate, we go out often. To the seafront, or exploring the streets of Brighton, whether it’s windy or rainy! As she lives in Brighton for 4 months now, she knows where to go. The good coffees, (in my opinion, Bond St Coffee in Bond Street make the tastiest coffees in Brighton) the good spots to take photos or just sitting by the beach and admire the sunset or the storm in the middle of the sea.

We agree on a thing, we can’t understand the weather in UK. So here a good advice: always pick an umbrella in your purse girls! Even if it’s sunny outside!

It’s been only one month, but I’ve already adopt the melodious British accent. Well, I try to be indistinguishable but everybody recognises my French accent and whenever I leave a place or a shop I can hear an “Aurevoir”.

So here is the beginning of my journey, only one month left. Times flies, for real.






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