So … I only have one week left in Brighton.

If I compare my first week and my last, there’s nothing in common.

During the first week, I was feeling alone and morose, I didn’t know what to expect, but the more time passed, the better I felt. I get used to the city of Brighton, the weather, the beach, the seagulls.
Well, wait a minute … No, I didn’t get used to the weather! But it’s part of the culture, isn’t? 😉

I had nothing but great experience here in the UK. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and even though I missed my family and my friends terribly, I will miss UK too.

I have built a real and strong friendship with one of my flatmates and I really don’t want to leave her. But we have already planned to see each other in London, maybe next year. She became part of my daily and I am now quite afraid to make it back to a life without flatmates. When you live by yourself for the first time, I think it’s right to say that you grow up.

I must thank Professionals UK, for teaching me so much things. I experienced the rush work, I’ve learnt to be more patient and to deal with so many different software and applications, and that is what I wanted. My managers put me on the right path and let me do in my way. I’ve also met my lovely colleague Linh (hi Linh I know you’ll read this 😉 ), as we were both interns, we have been able to understand each other doubts and feelings.

My managers were more than lovely and the atmosphere in the office was so nice to work in. We went swimming few times, and I must admit that this is the best thing to do before coming back to work! I honestly loved Rottingdean, this is a wonderful place, I encourage you to visit it.

Regarding my English, I think I have definitely improved. I can speak to someone without thinking about the words I’m going to employ. I can now watch videos or TV shows without subtitles (this is a huge step for me). To me now, English it’s obvious. It is now a great and more than useful asset for my studies and my future work.

Thanks to my sweet flatmates, I could learn some words in Korean, Turkish and Chinese! I think meeting people from other countries will enrich you brain, your heart and your mind. You become more tolerant, you learn about other cultures and you can compare some points which is very rewarding.

I’ve met so many people, in London or Brighton, who have travelled to so many different countries that I definitely want to discover what the world has to offer. Belgium, Korea, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Norway, I want to go everywhere!

I now come back to France, with my head full of new projects and goals!
Thanks England. See you soon.



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