Discovering Brighton

Hey guys!
Let me tell you something about my first days here in Brighton.

I have always had a thing for England, when I was little I used to spend hours wondering how would it feel to live in such a beautiful (and unpredictable) country. Now, as a sixteen-year-old Italian student, I still fantasize about my 5 o`clock tea in a cottage in Edinburgh.


I had previous experiences in England but each of them is different and amazing in its own way.

When I booked my stay in Brighton I didn`t know much about this city. The only thing I had no doubt about was that, I would certainly enjoy staying by the sea and that, although English weather is very unpredictable with a bit of luck I could have a real taste of English summer.


I met my host family as soon as I arrived in the city, they showed me the neighbourhood and offered me a cup of tea, a typical English welcome.

They are very nice and funny, as lots of the people here in Brighton, however I think it will take me some time to get used to their habits. Indeed, although I am a quite adaptable person, in Italy we have a quite different way of life, especially a different way of eating, and we Italians can be easily spotted in Italian restaurants or cafes.

As soon as I arrived in Brighton I was astonished by the Brighton Pier.

In my city ( I come from the North of Italy) we don`t have nothing as that: the lights, the merry-go-rounds and the shouts of enthusiasm made me feel like I was daydreaming.


I spent the weekend with my friends, hanging around, shopping and trying to figure out how not to get run over by a bus.

Indeed, even if this is my fourth trip to England, I still can`t get used to their way of driving and each time I cross the street I always forget that cars are coming from the opposite side (that`s why I love the “look right” signs in London).


Here in Brighton everyone is very nice and forthcoming, from the bus drivers to the waiters, always willing to help you in case you get lost ( and trust me in the first days it is inevitable) and to chat if you feel lonely or homesick.
So…this is only the beginning of a great journey, I`ll keep you updated in the next weeks!

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