Seven Days in Brighton

Hello everyone, it`s Margherita again!
This time I am going to tell you something about my first week here in Brighton.
As you may remember from my previous post, this is my first time ever in this city but I already feel like I was born here.

Brighton is a really lively and thriving city, full of shops, pubs and restaurants, however if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing spot there are lots of parks where you can just sit and listen to the sound of the seagulls.

Not far from the busy traffic in Churchill Square, for example, St Ann’s garden is the perfect place to take a break from the noise and the chaos of the city.
In the same way, if you’re in the shopping mood, the quarters of North Street and North Laine are the perfect place to find whatever you’re looking for, from clothes to videogames to candies.


Be sure to arrive before 6 pm because here the shops close quite early!
One of Brighton’s “musts” is the stunning Palace Pier, full of attractions and games.

There’s no need to say that I spend most of my evenings there with my friends, trying every attraction and treating ourselves with the fabulous crepes and churros at the entrance (is it even possible to have fun with an empty stomach?).


In my opinion, “The booster” is by far the best ride. It lifts you up at 40 meters on the ground, where you can admire a breath-taking view (unless you suffer from fear of heights) and then drops down spinning you around.
Personal advice, guys: do not try the Horror Hotel. It`s not worth it and not scary at all.

But if you get the chance you have to go the the Pier at least once during your stay.

One thing that I have learnt from my first week in Brighton is how to be prepared to live four seasons in a day.
In the morning it can be really warm and sunny, but then half way through the day the sky can get overcast and grey and in the evening because of the cutting wind you either wear your coat or freeze.

If you are into excursions, I strongly recommend you to visit the Seven Sisters, often knows as “The white cliffs of Dover”.
It takes one hour and 20 minutes by bus plus other 20 minutes by feet to get to the cliffs but it is really worth it, and the view leaves you speechless.

They are the remnants of dry valleys in the South Downs, and they are gradually being eroded by the sea.

seven sisters1
Their name is sadly related to the high number of suicides committed from the the cliffs` edge, but also to a lots of famous films, such as Robin Hood: the prince of thieves.
I reached the top (which is 156m high), closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the waves and the birds… I was truly at peace with myself…I could have stayed like that forever…

Those were only the highlights of my first week, but I could go on for ages because I am really enjoying myself in this beautiful city!
I`ll keep you updated!

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