Second week in Brighton!

Hey Guys!
It`s Margherita, how are you doing?
Time flies here! It`s been two weeks since I arrived in Brighton, but I don`t remember all these days passing!

Half way through my stay I realized English food is not THAT bad… or maybe I just got used to it.

Well, obviously you can`t expect to eat here the best pizza ever or the best Italian dishes (because you are not in Italy) but if you treat yourself with some of the local specialities you`ll change your mind.

This week I had the opportunity to taste plenty of “English traditionals” (my host father`s words).

I really liked pie & mash, especially the brownish sauce called “gravy”.

I had never tried it before because we`re not used to eating that in Italy, but I think I`ll ask my host mum the recipe as I really want to eat it again at home!

However, my favourite English food, besides creamy teas of course, is fish & chips. If you have a little free time at lunchtime guys, I strongly recommend you to try Taste`s fish & chips. It is really worth it.

This small restaurant is in King`s Road, not far from North Street, halfway to the Pier : the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and the food is really good (there is also a good choice of desserts for us with a sweet tooth).

The past seven days have been quite busy, but I had lots of great experiences!
First of all, I finally had a swim in the sea.

Luckily the beginning of the week the weather was really good, so on Tuesday I brought my swimsuit and went with July and Karen in the freezing water… it was amazing!


I had already planned to do it for the rest of the week but from then on, the sky was always overcast, rainy or windy…

During the weekend we visited Eastbourne.

I frankly found it quite sad and old, but maybe it was because of the grey sky… there`s a lovely pier with some nice shops and cafes but it is nothing compared to Brighton`s.

No amusements nor rides.

No little kids running around with their prizes.

No music.

You know, it makes it a little bit gloomy…

foto1In the weekdays, we went to the cinema in Marina Centre to see “Spider-man: Homecoming”.

I really had a great time, even if I`m not a big Marvel-fan, because the plot wasn`t so difficult and there were a lot of funny dialogues.

At the beginning we were worried we wouldn`t understand anything.

popcornHowever, in the end, we realized it wasn`t as difficult as we thought to keep up with the film!

On Sunday night I went to Marina Centre again to play bowling, just as a true British does ( at least on Tv).

I was there with my group and we really enjoyed ourselves, even if it was the first time we had ever played!

We only played one game because it was half past nine and the bowling was already closing – that`s the flaw of England…after 10 pm everything closes and everyone goes home…

Last but not least, this week we visited the acquarium at the Sea Life Centre.


I didn`t have many expectations about it but I really changed my mind after visiting it.
It is not very big, but you can see lots of incredible and colourful fish!

My favourite part was without doubt the tunnel, where you get to walk under a small pool while sharks, turtles and rays are swimming above your heads!!!

I still have one week ahead of me before going back to Italy, and I think we`ll do lots of interesting things that will be worth-telling…so I`ll keep you updated guys!


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