Time flies when you have fun

The time has come for me to pack the luggage (or at least to try doing so) and watch the eclectic lights of the Pier one last time.


In these three weeks I explored the city far and wide, leaving my heart in every single corner of the charming vintage quarters in North Laine and falling in love every second more with the astonishing music hall of the Royal Pavilion, hoping that one day I will come back and have the chance to see it again.

There is nothing I have done here that I regret (thankfully 😉) , and I`d do it all over again and again.


Every single day I had something to look forward to, at times it was visiting a certain part of the city, on other occasions the expectation of the stimulating tasks I was involved with at work.

Indeed, thanks to the lovely Bella, Karen and Julie that looked after me here at Professionals UK, I learnt a lot of new skills and I feel like both my English and my IT abilities improved so much.


When I arrived here I never thought I could be able to create my own videos and my own posts in such an easy way…

I had to admit in the beginning it felt like a really big responsibility on my shoulders to complete all the spreadsheets, the researches and the certificate templates, as I was working on the actual site of the company, however after a while I got used to it and everything become easier.

This bustling city taught me a lot (apart from how to cross the street without being hit by a bus).

button crossing

I learn how to respect every person and how to celebrate diversity: in my opinion “variety is the spice of life” as there is no point in criticizing just because someone is different from us.

Here in Brighton everyone can be who they are without fearing the judgement of other people and I think it is something that every other city should learn.


Although there are some things I am happy to leave (like this terrible, never-stopping wind), I will certainly miss this cheerful city a lot.

The evenings will seem empty without the rides and the smell of fried churros all around the Pier, and so will the mornings no longer spent in our small and lively office in Rottingdean.

I think it will take me some time to get used to hearing Italian instead of English on the bus and I am sure I will continue saying “Thank you driver!” when I get off the bus for a while.


However, I am happy to go back home.

First of all, I do really miss Italian food: the one thing I will do as soon as I get back home will be eating a huge, delicious pasta and a big bowl of ice cream.


Then, I really look forward to feel a little sunshine on my skin… don`t misunderstand me, I don`t mind British weather, but I didn`t have many heavy hoodies in my luggage so I`ve been feeling quite cold in the last days…


This experience in Brighton made me grow a lot as a person and I am really thankful to everyone who allowed it, from the cheerful old man that helped me to find my bus the first day to the lovely waiter who recommended me to try a local dessert (that is now one of my favourite).

However, the biggest thanks goes to Bella, Karen and Julie shared with me all the beautiful moments in the office and really made me feel like a part of their team.

Bye Bye Brighton!!!

Bye Guys!
See you soon!!!

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