My second week in Brighton

Hi 🙂

Time flies fast and I’m already two weeks in Brighton. In my second week I started with the internship here at Professionals UK. I felt very welcome when I arrived at the office and had a good first day of working. I’ve learned about many different websites and did various tasks. In my free time I often met my friends from school and we drank a coffee or did a little shopping at Churchill Square, it was good fun! I even got introduced to the cute little dog from my boss, he is a welcome change when he’s here and it’s entertaining to see him jumping around or playing with his toys while we are working.

With my friends I tried a lot of new restaurants like Burger Brothers, who is known for having the best burger in the UK. We also ate some fish & chips at the pier, but somehow, I didn’t like it very much.


On Friday I didn’t have to come to the office in the morning because Bella and Karen went to a conference in Brighton. But I had a task to do: I was asked to try out the new Bike Share in Brighton. So I tried it out and rented a bicycle and in the afternoon, I then joined Bella at the conference to see what happens at such an event. We went to a lecture and it was interesting, but very difficult for me to understand.


Over the weekend I went to London to see a friend from Switzerland, and I went on the train to London Victoria. It was my first time in London and I’ve really enjoyed it. We went to see the different attractions like the Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, the Westminster and the Big Ben. We also went shopping at the Oxford Street. On Sunday, we enjoyed the good weather in the Jubilee Gardens and visited the National Gallery. It was a very interesting weekend and I’m thinking about going to London again.


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