Exploring Eastbourne

Hi 🙂

The bus system in Brighton is really great, and there are many places to visit with your bus tickets. With a citySaver ticket you can take every bus between Shoreham-by-Sea and Saltdean, as you can see on the picture below. But the networkSaver ticket takes you even further away. I explored the limits of my networkSaver ticket last Friday and went to Eastbourne. Next Friday I will go and visit Lewes, and next Tuesday I’ll see Shoreham-by-Sea. If you want to know more about the many different ticket offers yo can click on the picture below.
Last Friday it was really good weather, and the sun was shining. I went from my accommodation to the centre of Brighton and took the bus to Eastbourne. When I was sitting in the bus I had the best view, I was sitting on the top floor in front of the big window. I know the road to Rottingdean, but when I passed the bus stop where I usually get off I got excited to see where the bus will take me.

I saw lot of beautiful things, the road went mostly next to the sea, but sometimes it drove in the landscape. It was a long bus ride, it took me more than an hour to get to Eastbourne, but it was totally worth it. The landscape was beautiful, I drove past some big meadows with many sheep on it which looked like tiny little white dots. I saw a beautiful river which I was fascinated of because I’ve never seen a river which flows like this in Switzerland. That day was very windy, and the waves in the sea were really high, and I enjoyed watching them.


One of the many meadows with sheep on it


The river which i find really fascinating 🙂

When I arrived in Eastbourne I went in a Starbucks and waited for my friend. She’s doing an exchange year here and I thought it would be nice to see her. We walked through Eastbourne and ate a sandwich. Later we went to the Pier. The Pier in Eastbourne is gorgeous and so different to the one in Brighton. The one in Brighton is huge and it’s like a funfair, while the Pier in Eastbourne is very calm, and there was almost nobody else on it. There were some people in the few shops and some were sitting in the big restaurant on the Pier. The rest of the time we promenaded back through Eastbourne and later in the afternoon I took a bus back to Brighton.


I wish I had had more time to see more of Eastbourne, but I enjoyed it. It is a very calm and lovely city, and definitely worth to see! 🙂

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