Visiting Lewes

Hi 🙂

I visited Eastbourne a week ago, and last Friday I went to see Lewes, which is located north of Brighton on a hill. It’s a cute little town which is known for its Castle.

Luckily, it was good weather again and I took a bus around lunchtime. The bus ride to Lewes wasn’t as exciting as the one to Eastbourne. I drove past the universities and the bus was driving most of the time on the motorway. When I arrived at Lewes, I went to a coffeeshop and ate some lunch. Later I strolled through Lewes and enjoyed the nice weather. While walking through the High Street and the Market Street I went to see Needlemakers, a historic building in which are quirky little shops and a café. In the same street is the Lewes Flea Market with antique and vintage things. It was nice to see, because there are so many different things you can buy: old mirrors, typewriters, dolls, really old books and comics, jewellery and a lot more.


But the highlight of the day was to see the Lewes Castle. It stands on the highest point of Lewes, so you can see it from everywhere. It has two towers from which you have a beautiful view over Lewes and the surrounding areas. You can go on top of both towers and I enjoyed the view from there very much.




I had a really great afternoon in Lewes and it was nice to see a town which is away from the sea 🙂

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