My quick trip to Shoreham-by-Sea

Hi 🙂

Yesterday I went to see Shoreham-by-Sea which is in the west of Brighton. Next to the centre of Shoreham flows the River Adur, and on the other side of this river you can get to the Shoreham Beach. Shoreham has a port, a harbour and some shipyards.


It wasn’t the best weather but it was okay, at least it wasn’t cold. I took the bus number two and it drove through other towns like Portslade or Southwick while driving to Shoreham.

When I arrived there, I went to see the River Adur and the boats, but all the boats were laying on the ground because the river hasn’t enough water for the boats to float. It somehow looked very abandoned, and with the strange weather the whole town seemed kind of sad.



I didn’t visit the beach, but I’m sure it is really nice there! And despite the strange weather I really enjoyed seeing Shoreham and I would visit again to see the beach! After I saw Shoreham I took a bus back to Brighton and ate some lunch there 🙂


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