My experience as an International Trade Intern

Hello people!!

How are things!! Let’s me introduce myself.

My name is Rocio and I’m a Spanish International Trade Intern. I’m coming to Brighton to improve my English and develop myself (living alone without my parents or something like that) and look this amazing area too. I arrived at Brighton 4 days ago and I’m living with a host family, I think is the best way to practice English, what is more, you must speak a lot in spite of the fact you could do it wrong, the fact, you don’t have afraid of if you commit mistakes.

My host mother is called Tina and she is a lovely person. She has two children, Cassian who is 14 years old and Millie who is 17 years old. When I have planned this internship, I’m afraid of my English because I believed I will understand nothing, but I realise that I know more English than I thought. I understand everything, although I need improve my pronunciation.

This is the street where I’m living. It called Lloyd Road.

I have not been able to visit many places now, but I want to see many things like Brighton Pier or Royal Pavilion that I’m going to go there.

Another point that I want to comment is the public transport. I must take a bus every day, and It surprises me bus drivers drive so fast including doing strong stops that you must care if you are standing. 😊

On the other hand, people are lovely. The firstly day I went to the Hove Park near where I’m living, and I asked many people a lot of questions about interesting things that I watched, and people answer pleasantly.

If you are reading this post I want to say everybody it could do it, and It will be a gratifying experience.

Finally, I leave some photos that I took that I believe there are interesting.



I took this photo because in Galicia there isn’t this type of vans where serve coffee.

I took this photo because it’s interesting that this park bench has a description of an important person who died.

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