Hi everybody,

Rocío is here again 😊. How is it going? Today, I want to talk about my second Saturday in Brighton. Yes, I don’t know a lot of outstanding places now, but everybody can look for one of them in many pages such as Trip Ad visor or guide pages, and this is that I did.

And I thought I must visit the Royal Pavilion. If you are thinking in visit Brighton, I suggest it is a lovely place to go. I took the bus near my host house and I stopped in North Street (this street is a crowded road where you buy a lot of things, and there are many shops, restaurants, cafes, takeaways, fish & chips, and everything that you need). (I stopped here because The Royal Pavilion is located in North Street).


IMG_1875The Royal Pavilion (picture taken by me)


Well, I continue talking about The Royal Pavilion, this place has amazing gardens outside, and if you visit inside it is impressive (the ticket cost around 15/16 pounds with audio guide).  The Royal Pavilion was the residence where George IV spent his time in Brighton. And it becomes in the favourite place of George IV to live due to his wonderful areas and his intense social life. What I liked most of The Royal Pavilion was her dining room. It is indescribable, there are a big dinner table and enormous & gorgeous lamp in the ceiling. You must visit yes or yes 😊.


royal pavilion



In addition, the afternoon arrived, and I decided I must visit The Brighton Pier. There, there were a lot of rides for children (and not so children), what it is more, it was very funny because people were raised by one of them.




IMG_1948Brighton Pier (picture taken by me)


Then I was walking on his longer beach, the waves were fantastic, and I spent a lot of time saw it. I took some pictures because I believed It was a good moment for this. In general, the area is cosmopolitan that’s why I love it, including different types of races, people, cultures, that is, different lifestyle who is otherwise where I live in Spain.

IMG_1930Beach area in Brighton (picture taken by me)

Finally, I’m going to do a mention of the public transport, yes, another time too 😊. Certainly, I miss my car, I’m not used to taking a bus every day, furthermore, people and I must change the bus on the Marine Gate stop 2 day ago, because the bus has had one problem that I don’t know what happens, consequently, people and I must wait 15 minutes for another one.

So… that is my experience about this weekend!!! See you for the next week so I’m going to write my experience living in Brighton during my internship here!!!


Bye, bye, my friends!!

Rocío Rey


P.S: You can leave a reply if you like my post!! Cheer up!!





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