Good morning my friends!! I have many stories to tell us, I love my job 😊. I hope you know who am I, yes, Rocío.

Well, first of all, It is a sunny day today while I’m writing this post, that’s why  I’m happy too. The latest Friday, I’ve had to travel to Eastbourne due to my job and I took an opportunity to visit this gorgeous place.

As I live in Hove, I had to take a bus from Hove to Rottingdean and then change the bus there to go to Eastbourne. Yeah, I think one day I told there that it is awful for me to travel on the bus, but it must be like that, and the worst is that the trip lasts 3 hours one way and 3 hours back. During the travel to Eastbourne, there are a lot of green areas, including sheep which are grazing. It’s sincerely beautiful.

IMG_2062Eastbourne green areas (photo taken by me)

Well, when I arrived in Eastbourne, the first that I did it was looking for Eastbourne Pier (While I saw several churches such as The Holy Trinity Church or The Central Methodist Church, but they were closed and I only took some pictures) Yes, I know seems Brighton Pier, but every pier has them attractive.

IMG_1998The Holy Trinity Church (picture taken by me)

 There weren’t many people because of it was an ordinary day and everybody I suppose It was working. Then I walked down the long promenade.

IMG_2003Eastbourne Pier (picture taken by me)

How I felt like drinking a coffee, I decided to look for a cafe shop, and I visited the main street of the shops called Terminus Road. I had a drink a coffee in Nero Cafe and charge my phone, it surprised me the socket was put on the benches.Then I returned to the promenade.


IMG_2022Terminous Road, Eastbourne (picture taken by me)

I wanted to see the famous beaches huts that I saw on the internet. I knew these huts were in Marine Parade, but I was walking the wrong way and a lovely man told me the right way. It was funny, despite the fact that, I was walking a lot of time looking for the huts and I did not see them.

I decided to ask another lady, she told me that I had to walk a little more and that I could go to those huts, in fact, she offered me she could accompany me. She walked quickly because she had stayed with her sister in the seaport.

During our walk, she asked me many things, he definitely seemed very friendly. Finally, I saw the famous beaches huts and I took some pictures. In addition, I asked for many Swiss girls if they took me one picture jumping!! It was amusing.

IMG_2096Huts in Marine Parade, Eastbourne (picture taken by me)

On the other hand, when I was walking, I saw an enormous park called Princess Park and I took an advantage to visit when I came back through the promenade. I loved Princess Park, It is an enormous park with a duck pond including children areas for play. There, I sat about half hour seeing the area and thinking that I’m living a good experience and I must take and advantage of it.

IMG_2055Princess Park, Eastbourne (picture taken by me)

As it was late and I was afraid if I would miss my bus so that I decide took my bus in Eastbourne pier and returned to Hove.

And…What did I do on Saturday? Yes, I believe I’m telling all my life here ha – ha, but I think It’s a fantastic idea to do this if you are planning visited Brighton&Hove and his near areas for work or studies, the information is an important instrument that everybody must know.

On Saturday, I visited North Laine with an intern friend like me.

IMG_2084North Laine Road, Brighton (picture taken by me)

We saw a lot of vintage shops there and a unique environment, it was a novel situation because there aren’t a lot of vintage shops where I live in my country and this type of environment.

The showcases of several vintage shops (pictures taken by me)


It was fancy to see one Spanish shop, where it sells Spanish products. In my opinion, maybe it doesn’t sell typically tinned preserves of Galicia, and it’s a shame because it is a very famous product handmade.


IMG_2082Spanish shop in North Laine,Brighton (picture taken by me)


That’s all by the moment!!

Best wishes,

Rocío Rey


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