Hiya people!! How are you? You thought I’d forgotten you, no I’m here, yes, I’m Rocío again😊

Today, I’m going to talk you about Meet Up ( …

What is “Meet Up”? Now, I will tell you.

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I know what it’s like to leave your house to visit another country for reasons like a job, studies, internships, business trip or something that like because I’m living this experience now.

One of my fears about this experience (before I’d arrived here) was that I wouldn’t meet anybody. The two first weeks in Brighton I’ve understandably lived the feeling of being alone.

But one colleague told me about Meet Up, and I downloaded the app on my phone.(In Spain isn’t famous).

You can also access Meet Up on your computer

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Meet Up is an application to meet a group of people launched in 2002 and it became an organizing tool for a variety of interests including hobbies, drinking, sports, gaming, reading, writing, singing, go out, learning languages, etc…

Here is an idea of some of the different areas:

image 3

I must say, that, initially I had concerns about meeting new people through an  app, especially, in a foreign country. But with encouragement from my manager and colleagues at my internship company I decided to change my mind and try to meet people with it.

How do you use the App?

You start by signing up for an account. You can sign up using Facebook or Google, or with email:

image 4

Make sure that you set your location correctly so that you get local recommendations:

image 5


You can then start searching for groups that might be interesting for you:

image 7

Here in Brighton there is a very international population and there are lots of groups including the International Friends in Brighton and Hove group which meets every 2 weeks on a Thursday.

image 8

By clicking on a meet up you can read more about the group and decide if it is interesting for you:

image 9

I joined to the group because of I knew people learn English there, and the administrator of the group accepts your request ( this is a public group).

Then, the group does events related to your interests that you chose before, and you will decide if you want to join the event or you don’t want it. In addition, you can add friends, and it’s very important to change the option “yes” or “no”  if you can’t go to the event.

In my case, I joined to 3 events related with exchange languages, considering that I want to improve my English, and this way it’s a fantastic method to doing it.

Other students have enjoyed going to weekly football or badminton. You can also just browse All Meet Ups in your location. In Brighton there are a lot!

Just looking at the next Saturday there are over 20 Meet Ups including African Drumming, bike rides, volleyball and a pub crawl:

image 10

From a safety point of view, the Meet Ups are all in public places, such as bars. So if you don’t feel comfortable for any reason there are lots of people around and you can also leave whenever you want. You can read Meetup’s Community Guidelines here:

When you join a Meet Up you can also see how many other people have signed up and you may want to choose a Meet Up where lots of people are also going:

image 12

You can also look at the profiles of the other people who are attending:

image 11

My experience with the app is so good, I met some interesting people, and I had a nice time talking in English and having a drink, in fact, it was a sunshiny day and there were a lot of people in the bar that we stayed called The Tempest Inn in the Brighton Beach.

I hope that this inspires you to look into Meet Up groups wherever you are based in the UK.

And, that’s all for today!!

See you the next time!!


Rocí up

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