Good morning world!! How are you going? I hope you are well. Have ever you seen something impressive? Today It’s a pleasure talk you about Seven Sisters Cliffs.

The weather this weekend in Brighton was amazing, 23 degrees were registered, in fact, it was The Bank Holidays Day. If you click here you can see information about the weather this Bank Holiday: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/07/may-day-bank-holiday-weather-breaks-temperature-record. Seen this hot day I took an advantage to visit Seven Sisters Cliffs, maybe it’s better to visit them in a good a fantastic day like this past weekend.

The Seven Sisters is a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel. They form part of the South Downs in East Sussex, between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne in southern England.

They are within the South Downs National Park, which is bounded by the coast, the Cuckmere and the A259 road. They are the remnants of dry valleys in the chalk South Downs, which are gradually being eroded by the sea.

1You could have a look the website of The South Downs National Park because is very interesting.

How to get there?

You can choose many options, you can go by car, in fact, The National Park has a car park there or by bus. If you choose the bus, you have to take the bus number 12,12A,12X, or 13 X of the company called Brighton & Hove, which provide services between Brighton and Hove, which you could take in Churchill Square, however, I’m living in Hove, and  I had to take the bus number 27 and change the bus to 12,12x or 13X in Rottingdean (but I could change before in Dukes Mond for instance). Here http://www.buses.co.uk/ you can see all the information of the buses and timetables.

The website is very clear, even so, the way to have a look at the buses is:

  1. Go to the website http://www.buses.co.uk/.
  2. Click bus draw to see the timetables.Screen 2
  3. Click on the bus 12, 12A, 12X, 13X.Screen 3
  4. Write your route.Screen 4
    * You can see the timetables of the buses too when you choose the route if you scroll down on the page.
    Screen 5
  5. You could look the live timetable.Screen 6

Where do you look all the information?

The National Park has a visitor centre where you could ask all the information about Seven Sisters Cliffs, about the routes that you can do, how to get to the cliffs, in addition , has a website too http://www.sevensisters.org.uk/page4.html that is interesting to see before you go to the Park because you have one idea about you could do there, for instance, if you want to bring your dog, everything is allowed and not allowed, or the fact sheet of the landscape.

In addition, there is a cafe shop where you buy whatever you want it, and the car park has wooden tables where you can have lunch before or after visiting the cliffs. I have to say, I visited the cliffs first, and spend my time in the landscape, then, when I down the hill, I was thirsty, and I need my water… Finally, the cafe was closed, but I asked the guide and he pleasantly told me that there is an ice cream van in the car park where you buy water, ice cream or sweeties, oh my God, just as well, because I was thirsty.

cafeSaltmarsh (Seven Sisters Cafe)

My experience in Seven Sisters Cliffs was amazing, I have fallen in love with the cliffs, the unique views, the green environment, the wild nature, the beach under the cliffs, summarising everything that I saw there…

IMG_2476Seven Sisters Landscape (photo taken by me)
IMG_2484Seven Sisters Landscape (photo taken by me)

When I arrived up the hill, I sat in the grass to see the striking views.

IMG_2532Seven Sisters Cliffs (photo taken by me)
IMG_2517Sevens Sisters Cliffs (photo taken by me)

The situation is indescribable because you could relax watching the landscape, the cliffs, the beach, everything. Then you can relax too on the beach under the cliffs that I did, even, I had wet a bit in the sea, because the weather was so hot, what a pity, that I didn’t wear my bikini, ha-ha.

IMG_2564Seven Sisters Beach (photo taken by me)

Apart from that, in Seven Sisters you can see animals, there are a lot of sheep graze on the grass, and a lot of birds, maybe I almost didn’t notice in the birds but there are a lot of species.

IMG_2475Sheep grazing (photo taken by me)

In conclusion, if you are in Brighton or maybe you are thinking of doing it, you must visit Seven Sisters Cliffs because are a unique place where you can evade for one day!!

That’s everything for all.

See you next week…




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