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Well, I think all students or young (maybe not) people like go out with friends, socialising, music, theatre, etc… that’s means I’m going to write about Brighton Fringe Festival. If you don’t know what you do in May and you are tired of going to the same places, Brighton Fringe Festival it’s a brilliant idea.

But, what is Brighton Fringe Festival? Which is its history?

The word “Fringe” means something “alternative” or “no conventional”, therefore, “Fringe festivals” are all about providing an accessible avenue for independent theatre artists to produce and perform their work in front of an audience. The Fringe is really the essence of theatre, their shows hasn’t got limits on content so shows can be bold, raw and uncensored.

“Brighton Fringe is an open-access arts festival (including music, theatre, Komedia, visual arts, shows, literature) held annually in Brighton & Hove, England. It is the largest annual arts festival in England and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world. Brighton Fringe 2018 will take place from 4 May – 3 June 2018. Currently, the programme of 2018 includes 998 events at over 155 venues across 4 weeks.” (Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brighton_Fringe).


How do you look all the information of the Brighton Fringe Festival?

It’s really easy, everybody can use the Internet and see the information, but I would like to show where you can look it…

So, you can get the Fringe magazine (which provide all the information of the events during May) in any places of Brighton such us, buses, Komedia Theatre&Cinema, some supermarkets, Fringe Box Office (is in front of the Theatre Royal Brighton).

In addition, you can visit the official website of the Brighton Fringe Festival https://www.brightonfringe.org/about-us/, here, you can buy the tickets online (they’re sold in their box office too) for the events that you can will go, the history of the Brighton Fringe Festival, all the events classify for genres and dates, everything that you must know it. Also, they have all the social media like Twitter and Facebook (https://twitter.com/brightonfringe?lang=es, https://www.facebook.com/brightonfringefestival/).


1 Screenshot Brighton Fringe Website



2Screenshot Brighton Fringe Twitter




3Screenshot Brighton Fringe Facebook



For more information of all the festivals that you can visit in Brighton, you can have a look in the website https://www.visitbrighton.com/whats-on/festivals because Brighton Fringe runs at a similar time to Brighton Festival, which website is https://brightonfestival.org/.


My experience in the Brighton Fringe Festival

During my internship here, it’s obvious I want to spend my time very good and take an advantage to do a lot of things, that’s is The Fringe Festival is something that you must visit if you are living here for a period because you will never see other similar like this.

The most of the Fringe Festival’s events are paid but there are some of them what is free. I saw a bit of them, and the most that I liked was “But Kapinski” in Komedia Theatre and Circus’Sission in Brighton Spiegeltent (Bosco).

“But Kapinski” is a typically English comedy where the actress interacts with the audience, in fact, I felt embarrassed there, because she spokes during the show and everybody were looking. You can have a look at her website here http://www.buttkapinski.com/.

“Circus’Sission” is a life circus &cabaret where the gymnast and all the group have interaction with the public too. I told you the events don’t have limits, in this show, in fact, one member of the group has naked during the show, ha-ha…

Also, other members of the team here at Professionals UK have also been enjoying the festival:

Photos taken by Bella Cranmore during a performance of La Clique at The Sabai Pavilion: https://www.brightonfringe.org/whats-on/la-clique-125305/


And apart from that, if you are thinking in go out at night and spend a great time you could visit The Spiegeltent Pub in Old Steine Gardens, in my opinion, it one of the best places that I like…

My friends, that’s all for today!!!


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Rocío Rey.

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