Good morning world!! How are you going? I hope you are well. Have ever you seen something impressive? Today It’s a pleasure talk you about Seven Sisters Cliffs.

The weather this weekend in Brighton was amazing, 23 degrees were registered, in fact, it was The Bank Holidays Day. If you click here you can see information about the weather this Bank Holiday: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/07/may-day-bank-holiday-weather-breaks-temperature-record. Seen this hot day I took an advantage to visit Seven Sisters Cliffs, maybe it’s better to visit them in a good a fantastic day like this past weekend.

The Seven Sisters is a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel. They form part of the South Downs in East Sussex, between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne in southern England.

They are within the South Downs National Park, which is bounded by the coast, the Cuckmere and the A259 road. They are the remnants of dry valleys in the chalk South Downs, which are gradually being eroded by the sea.

1You could have a look the website of The South Downs National Park because is very interesting.


How to get there?

You can choose many options, you can go by car, in fact, The National Park has a car park there or by bus. If you choose the bus, you have to take the bus number 12,12A,12X, or 13 X of the company called Brighton & Hove, which provide services between Brighton and Hove, which you could take in Churchill Square, however, I’m living in Hove, and  I had to take the bus number 27 and change the bus to 12,12x or 13X in Rottingdean (but I could change before in Dukes Mond for instance). Here http://www.buses.co.uk/ you can see all the information of the buses and timetables.

The website is very clear, even so, the way to have a look at the buses is:

  1. Go to the website http://www.buses.co.uk/.
  2. Click bus draw to see the timetables.Screen 2
  3. Click on the bus 12, 12A, 12X, 13X.

    Screen 3

  4. Write your route.Screen 4
    * You can see the timetables of the buses too when you choose the route if you scroll down on the page.
    Screen 5
  5. You could look the live timetable.Screen 6

Where do you look all the information?

The National Park has a visitor centre where you could ask all the information about Seven Sisters Cliffs, about the routes that you can do, how to get to the cliffs, in addition , has a website too http://www.sevensisters.org.uk/page4.html that is interesting to see before you go to the Park because you have one idea about you could do there, for instance, if you want to bring your dog, everything is allowed and not allowed, or the fact sheet of the landscape.

In addition, there is a cafe shop where you buy whatever you want it, and the car park has wooden tables where you can have lunch before or after visiting the cliffs. I have to say, I visited the cliffs first, and spend my time in the landscape, then, when I down the hill, I was thirsty, and I need my water… Finally, the cafe was closed, but I asked the guide and he pleasantly told me that there is an ice cream van in the car park where you buy water, ice cream or sweeties, oh my God, just as well, because I was thirsty.

cafeSaltmarsh (Seven Sisters Cafe)

My experience in Seven Sisters Cliffs was amazing, I have fallen in love with the cliffs, the unique views, the green environment, the wild nature, the beach under the cliffs, summarising everything that I saw there…

IMG_2476Seven Sisters Landscape (photo taken by me)
IMG_2484Seven Sisters Landscape (photo taken by me)


When I arrived up the hill, I sat in the grass to see the striking views.

IMG_2532Seven Sisters Cliffs (photo taken by me)
IMG_2517Sevens Sisters Cliffs (photo taken by me)

The situation is indescribable because you could relax watching the landscape, the cliffs, the beach, everything. Then you can relax too on the beach under the cliffs that I did, even, I had wet a bit in the sea, because the weather was so hot, what a pity, that I didn’t wear my bikini, ha-ha.

IMG_2564Seven Sisters Beach (photo taken by me)

Apart from that, in Seven Sisters you can see animals, there are a lot of sheep graze on the grass, and a lot of birds, maybe I almost didn’t notice in the birds but there are a lot of species.

IMG_2475Sheep grazing (photo taken by me)

In conclusion, if you are in Brighton or maybe you are thinking of doing it, you must visit Seven Sisters Cliffs because are a unique place where you can evade for one day!!


That’s everything for all.

See you next week…






Hiya people!! How are you? You thought I’d forgotten you, no I’m here, yes, I’m Rocío again😊

Today, I’m going to talk you about Meet Up (https://www.meetup.com/) …

What is “Meet Up”? Now, I will tell you.

image 1

I know what it’s like to leave your house to visit another country for reasons like a job, studies, internships, business trip or something that like because I’m living this experience now.

One of my fears about this experience (before I’d arrived here) was that I wouldn’t meet anybody. The two first weeks in Brighton I’ve understandably lived the feeling of being alone.

But one colleague told me about Meet Up, and I downloaded the app on my phone.(In Spain isn’t famous).

You can also access Meet Up on your computer https://www.meetup.com/.

image 2

Meet Up is an application to meet a group of people launched in 2002 and it became an organizing tool for a variety of interests including hobbies, drinking, sports, gaming, reading, writing, singing, go out, learning languages, etc…

Here is an idea of some of the different areas:

image 3

I must say, that, initially I had concerns about meeting new people through an  app, especially, in a foreign country. But with encouragement from my manager and colleagues at my internship company I decided to change my mind and try to meet people with it.

How do you use the App?

You start by signing up for an account. You can sign up using Facebook or Google, or with email:

image 4

Make sure that you set your location correctly so that you get local recommendations:

image 5


You can then start searching for groups that might be interesting for you:

image 7

Here in Brighton there is a very international population and there are lots of groups including the International Friends in Brighton and Hove group which meets every 2 weeks on a Thursday.

image 8

By clicking on a meet up you can read more about the group and decide if it is interesting for you:

image 9

I joined to the group because of I knew people learn English there, and the administrator of the group accepts your request ( this is a public group).

Then, the group does events related to your interests that you chose before, and you will decide if you want to join the event or you don’t want it. In addition, you can add friends, and it’s very important to change the option “yes” or “no”  if you can’t go to the event.

In my case, I joined to 3 events related with exchange languages, considering that I want to improve my English, and this way it’s a fantastic method to doing it.

Other students have enjoyed going to weekly football or badminton. You can also just browse All Meet Ups in your location. In Brighton there are a lot!

Just looking at the next Saturday there are over 20 Meet Ups including African Drumming, bike rides, volleyball and a pub crawl:

image 10

From a safety point of view, the Meet Ups are all in public places, such as bars. So if you don’t feel comfortable for any reason there are lots of people around and you can also leave whenever you want. You can read Meetup’s Community Guidelines here: https://www.meetup.com/help/customer/portal/articles/865536-meetup-s-community-guidelines/.

When you join a Meet Up you can also see how many other people have signed up and you may want to choose a Meet Up where lots of people are also going:

image 12

You can also look at the profiles of the other people who are attending:

image 11

My experience with the app is so good, I met some interesting people, and I had a nice time talking in English and having a drink, in fact, it was a sunshiny day and there were a lot of people in the bar that we stayed called The Tempest Inn in the Brighton Beach.

I hope that this inspires you to look into Meet Up groups wherever you are based in the UK.

And, that’s all for today!!

See you the next time!!




How are things, people? I hope everything was ok this week !! Yes, I’m the Spanish girl called Rocío, I supposed you notice about my way of write!!

I’m want to start my post (yeah, It is amazing writing this since I feel such as important blogger! Maybe, I could one day I would be one of them)  talking about the weather… I realise It is changeable yes, in fact, one day is 24 degrees and the following day It is a freezing day…Although, I’m used because of is the same in Galicia, where I live!

Well… the last Saturday was a hot, hot, hot day It was achieved 24 degrees I think, and I took an advantage this wonderful day to visited Lewes, in fact, many people talked me very good about it.

Yes, I promise It is an amazing place, not only about their environment, if not that about their typically English shops and English people, definitely for they’re majestic attractive and what is more, it doesn’t crow about a lot of tourists, that I know this is good for the UK economy (lots of tourists), but I think many tourists are looking for quality tourism.

Apart from that, I suggest you can visit the Lewes Castle. This castle is located in the centre of the city of Lewes, and it is a precious castle with an enormous and spectacular garden (with colourful flowers).

IMG_2177Lewes’s Castle (picture taken by me)


IMG_2186Cannon’s war (picture taken by me)


IMG_2189Colourful flowers in the Castle (picture taken by me)

If you like the history you can see a lot of archaeological remains, in fact, “ the town was the site of the Battle of Lewes between the forces of Henry III and Simon de Montfort in the Second Barons’ War in 1264, at the end of which de Montfort’s forces were victorious”. ”Also in the city, a river passes called Ouse that originally was called Mid-Wynd.

Ouse river and skeleton of the Castle Museum (pictures taken by me)

In addition, the castle has high towers where you can look impressive views of the city,  including you can see some places or buildings such as Low Weald, High Weal, Brack Mount or Sussex Police.

IMG_2222Cartel of the views (picture taken by me)

I comment like an anecdote that when I was visiting one room of the tower, there was a man statue seems a real person that my first impression I got a scare because of I was distracted while I go upstairs of the castle.

IMG_2233  The Statue seems real man ( picture taken by me)

On the other hand, in Lewes, you can visit the Anne of Cleves House Museum and that I that did. Anne of Cleves House is a 15th-century timber-framed Wealden hall house.It formed part of Queen Anne’s annulment settlement from King Henry VIII in 1541, although she never visited the property. It was restored by the architect Walter Godfrey. One part of the history that it seemed interesting for me of the Queen Anne’s that I read  there and I understood, it  was this queen don’t know spoke English (she was German) and she was separated from their husband The King Henry V for this reason, then, by the time when she learnt English language she became in the best friend of her ex-husband, finally she never married to anybody.

In the house, you can see many rooms, one of them is Anne’s room. This room has her special bed typically from this period and other curious things like her old clothes hanging on the clothes rack. The museum has tea-shop with a little terrace where you can have a drink something , and it was that I did because the weather was really hot.

Bed and clothes in the room of Anne Cleves House (pictures taken by me)

I don’t know if I told you before that I seemed Lewes a city very beautiful, yes, that is why you can visit many areas, you can see the typically English people and typically English shops, yes, I love their environment, whit that I want to say that I visited a big&amazing garden called Southover Grange Gardens (yeah, I fancy of gardens) where there are a lot of different flowers and definitely it’s wonderful, indeed, there were people of a wedding taking photos.

Southhover Grange Gardens ( pictures taken by me)


53d313c0-7c27-4a6d-ba1b-11a76dd8c753Summarising, in Lewes you can do a lot of interesting things, and eat in lovely places. For instance, I ate in “Le magazine”. This restaurant is a French restaurant located in 50A Cliffe High Street, there I try it their beef hamburgers with this colourful salad that English people like it a lot.

English’s hamburger Typically

And I think it’s that all for today.

I hope you like my post!

Rocío Rey


Good morning my friends!! I have many stories to tell us, I love my job 😊. I hope you know who am I, yes, Rocío.

Well, first of all, It is a sunny day today while I’m writing this post, that’s why  I’m happy too. The latest Friday, I’ve had to travel to Eastbourne due to my job and I took an opportunity to visit this gorgeous place.

As I live in Hove, I had to take a bus from Hove to Rottingdean and then change the bus there to go to Eastbourne. Yeah, I think one day I told there that it is awful for me to travel on the bus, but it must be like that, and the worst is that the trip lasts 3 hours one way and 3 hours back. During the travel to Eastbourne, there are a lot of green areas, including sheep which are grazing. It’s sincerely beautiful.

IMG_2062Eastbourne green areas (photo taken by me)

Well, when I arrived in Eastbourne, the first that I did it was looking for Eastbourne Pier (While I saw several churches such as The Holy Trinity Church or The Central Methodist Church, but they were closed and I only took some pictures) Yes, I know seems Brighton Pier, but every pier has them attractive.

IMG_1998The Holy Trinity Church (picture taken by me)

 There weren’t many people because of it was an ordinary day and everybody I suppose It was working. Then I walked down the long promenade.

IMG_2003Eastbourne Pier (picture taken by me)

How I felt like drinking a coffee, I decided to look for a cafe shop, and I visited the main street of the shops called Terminus Road. I had a drink a coffee in Nero Cafe and charge my phone, it surprised me the socket was put on the benches.Then I returned to the promenade.


IMG_2022Terminous Road, Eastbourne (picture taken by me)

I wanted to see the famous beaches huts that I saw on the internet. I knew these huts were in Marine Parade, but I was walking the wrong way and a lovely man told me the right way. It was funny, despite the fact that, I was walking a lot of time looking for the huts and I did not see them.

I decided to ask another lady, she told me that I had to walk a little more and that I could go to those huts, in fact, she offered me she could accompany me. She walked quickly because she had stayed with her sister in the seaport.

During our walk, she asked me many things, he definitely seemed very friendly. Finally, I saw the famous beaches huts and I took some pictures. In addition, I asked for many Swiss girls if they took me one picture jumping!! It was amusing.

IMG_2096Huts in Marine Parade, Eastbourne (picture taken by me)

On the other hand, when I was walking, I saw an enormous park called Princess Park and I took an advantage to visit when I came back through the promenade. I loved Princess Park, It is an enormous park with a duck pond including children areas for play. There, I sat about half hour seeing the area and thinking that I’m living a good experience and I must take and advantage of it.

IMG_2055Princess Park, Eastbourne (picture taken by me)

As it was late and I was afraid if I would miss my bus so that I decide took my bus in Eastbourne pier and returned to Hove.

And…What did I do on Saturday? Yes, I believe I’m telling all my life here ha – ha, but I think It’s a fantastic idea to do this if you are planning visited Brighton&Hove and his near areas for work or studies, the information is an important instrument that everybody must know.

On Saturday, I visited North Laine with an intern friend like me.

IMG_2084North Laine Road, Brighton (picture taken by me)

We saw a lot of vintage shops there and a unique environment, it was a novel situation because there aren’t a lot of vintage shops where I live in my country and this type of environment.

The showcases of several vintage shops (pictures taken by me)


It was fancy to see one Spanish shop, where it sells Spanish products. In my opinion, maybe it doesn’t sell typically tinned preserves of Galicia, and it’s a shame because it is a very famous product handmade.


IMG_2082Spanish shop in North Laine,Brighton (picture taken by me)


That’s all by the moment!!

Best wishes,

Rocío Rey


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Hi everybody,

Rocío is here again 😊. How is it going? Today, I want to talk about my second Saturday in Brighton. Yes, I don’t know a lot of outstanding places now, but everybody can look for one of them in many pages such as Trip Ad visor or guide pages, and this is that I did.

And I thought I must visit the Royal Pavilion. If you are thinking in visit Brighton, I suggest it is a lovely place to go. I took the bus near my host house and I stopped in North Street (this street is a crowded road where you buy a lot of things, and there are many shops, restaurants, cafes, takeaways, fish & chips, and everything that you need). (I stopped here because The Royal Pavilion is located in North Street).


IMG_1875The Royal Pavilion (picture taken by me)


Well, I continue talking about The Royal Pavilion, this place has amazing gardens outside, and if you visit inside it is impressive (the ticket cost around 15/16 pounds with audio guide).  The Royal Pavilion was the residence where George IV spent his time in Brighton. And it becomes in the favourite place of George IV to live due to his wonderful areas and his intense social life. What I liked most of The Royal Pavilion was her dining room. It is indescribable, there are a big dinner table and enormous & gorgeous lamp in the ceiling. You must visit yes or yes 😊.


royal pavilion



In addition, the afternoon arrived, and I decided I must visit The Brighton Pier. There, there were a lot of rides for children (and not so children), what it is more, it was very funny because people were raised by one of them.




IMG_1948Brighton Pier (picture taken by me)


Then I was walking on his longer beach, the waves were fantastic, and I spent a lot of time saw it. I took some pictures because I believed It was a good moment for this. In general, the area is cosmopolitan that’s why I love it, including different types of races, people, cultures, that is, different lifestyle who is otherwise where I live in Spain.

IMG_1930Beach area in Brighton (picture taken by me)

Finally, I’m going to do a mention of the public transport, yes, another time too 😊. Certainly, I miss my car, I’m not used to taking a bus every day, furthermore, people and I must change the bus on the Marine Gate stop 2 day ago, because the bus has had one problem that I don’t know what happens, consequently, people and I must wait 15 minutes for another one.

So… that is my experience about this weekend!!! See you for the next week so I’m going to write my experience living in Brighton during my internship here!!!


Bye, bye, my friends!!

Rocío Rey


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My experience as an International Trade Intern

Hello people!!

How are things!! Let’s me introduce myself.

My name is Rocio and I’m a Spanish International Trade Intern. I’m coming to Brighton to improve my English and develop myself (living alone without my parents or something like that) and look this amazing area too. I arrived at Brighton 4 days ago and I’m living with a host family, I think is the best way to practice English, what is more, you must speak a lot in spite of the fact you could do it wrong, the fact, you don’t have afraid of if you commit mistakes.

My host mother is called Tina and she is a lovely person. She has two children, Cassian who is 14 years old and Millie who is 17 years old. When I have planned this internship, I’m afraid of my English because I believed I will understand nothing, but I realise that I know more English than I thought. I understand everything, although I need improve my pronunciation.



This is the street where I’m living. It called Lloyd Road.


I have not been able to visit many places now, but I want to see many things like Brighton Pier or Royal Pavilion that I’m going to go there.

Another point that I want to comment is the public transport. I must take a bus every day, and It surprises me bus drivers drive so fast including doing strong stops that you must care if you are standing. 😊

On the other hand, people are lovely. The firstly day I went to the Hove Park near where I’m living, and I asked many people a lot of questions about interesting things that I watched, and people answer pleasantly.

If you are reading this post I want to say everybody it could do it, and It will be a gratifying experience.

Finally, I leave some photos that I took that I believe there are interesting.




I took this photo because in Galicia there isn’t this type of vans where serve coffee.


I took this photo to show the difference between a college and university.


I took this photo because it’s interesting that this park bench has a description of an important person who died.