Bike Sharing in Brighton

In Brighton, there is a new Bike scheme called Social Bicycles. It is a new thing and since September you can rent the blue bikes from a number of locations around the city. Last Friday I tried the scheme out and rented a bike. In this post, I will explain how it works and also share my experience. Continue reading

My second week in Brighton

Hi 🙂

Time flies fast and I’m already two weeks in Brighton. In my second week I started with the internship here at Professionals UK. I felt very welcome when I arrived at the office and had a good first day of working. I’ve learned about many different websites and did various tasks. Continue reading

Vegetarian & Vegan offerings in Brighton

Hi everyone!

If you’re vegetarian, vegan or simply interested in trying out new or different things Brighton is perfect for you! The city offers many cool places to eat or shop vegetarian and vegan food. I was lucky enough to try out some of the places so in this Blogpost I will tell you about the cafes, restaurants and supermarkets I have been to and some I others I didn’t visit yet. Let’s start with cafes and restaurant (many offer coffee and cake but also main dishes). Continue reading

Guide on how to create and use a great LinkedIn profile

Hey everyone!

For all of you who don’t know what LinkedIn is, here is a little introduction: LinkedIn ( ) is a professional online business network. In fact, it is the most used business network in the world. In September 2016, the company had more than 467 million accounts, and more than 106 million of them are active. The website and app are available in 24 languages which will setting up an account way easier for you. Continue reading