An Amazing Internship Experience in Manchester

It was 9:30am on a cloudy Tuesday in Manchester, I had just gotten off a bus and had absolutely no idea where I was. ‘Keep calm’, I told myself. ‘You’ve got this. Today’s only the day you’ve anticipated for months, nothing more. No biggie, right?’.


As a full-time German student, I’d had the idea to do an internship in the UK about a year ago and as I had been in love with England since I first came here and really wanted to gain some practical experience before burying myself in textbooks for another five years, I immediately knew I had to do it. It had all seemed so far away back then, but time had flown by and soon I was already standing in Albert Square with my A-Levels done, my application to study English and Media at the University of Cologne sent in and 6 weeks of work experience at a company specializing in Sales Consultancy for technology companies ahead of me.

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