Oh, it’s already the last week!


Yes, it’s my last week in Brighton, so as well my last article on this blog. Don’t worry, we have new writers on The Intern Times so this blog is not dead!
So I was thinking of doing things differently this week, so not a day-to-day recap but more something general, about all my experience here in Brighton at Professionals UK.

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Oxford and Windsor tour!


Saturday, thanks to Discovery Tours I went with two friends (two German interns) to Windsor and to Oxford. It was a really fast day, to have enough time to visit these both cities and enjoyed ourselves!

Discovery Tours is a company which organises trips in the UK and in Europe. In departure of Brighton, London, Hastings, Eastbourne or Worthing, you can take part in one day trips (like Cambridge or Bath) or multiday trips (like Bruges, Paris or York). I have already done a trip in Leeds Castel and Canterbury, if you want to discover the review.

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Two incredible weeks!

Hi !

First, I apologies for forgetting last weekly recap (not really forgot, but more don’t have enough time) to miss the previous weekly recap. These two last weeks were really busy and crazy, always something to do between London, Bristol and Brighton!

So yes, these past 2 weeks, I moved around a lot in UK, between funny and professional times.

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Visiting Bristol


I have had the great chance to go in Bristol for few days. Just for visiting, spoke with other interns and took a lot of picture for my company’ website and social network.

So, if you want to visit Bristol or you plan to do an internship in Bristol, here are my feelings and tips about this city!

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