Why do all good things come to an end? Come to an end, come to an…

My last week in Brighton

Hi guys!

I hope you read all my posts (I know you didn’t but never mind. You can still do it 😉 ). I remember the first week in Brighton, I thought “wow, six months is a long time to be away from your loved ones” but, as people say time flies when you are having fun, it literally did! I still cannot believe that I am going back on Saturday. Continue reading

Mobile Phone: SIM Card and Mobile Operators in Britain

When Going to UK – A Wee Guide for International Students

Can you imagine going to country, in this case the UK, and not using your mobile phone? You are right, it is almost impossible. We rely so much on our phone these days. Have you asked yourself what might be the best thing to do? Obviously, you cannot use your SIM card, it will cost you a fortune. Try to find a local mobile operator in your first days. But which one is the best, the cheapest or has the best deals? Continue reading

Practical Living Tips for Brighton

Hi there!

New in town? Don’t worry!

This is a detailed list of various kinds that could/should/might help you. Have you ever been to a new city and you have no idea about for example where to eat? Right, that’s why I’ve created the following sort of list with the help of my team, other interns and obviously my own experience. It is made in the spirit of being helpful. Please do commend if there are additions from your side and I am aware of the fact that the list is not complete (it is just a beginning!). Although, I put lots of effort into it. I hope it is useful – get inspired!  Continue reading

My Travel Adventure Comes to an End

Hey you!

Last Day

On our last day, my friend and I went to the Norther Quarter – as we had to try one of the individual restaurants. We went to Night and Day and we had an amazing breakfast. Then, we walked along the beautiful Canal Street and the Gay Village. As it was daytime, there was not much going on. That was basically my trip. Fortunately, Bella reserved a seat for the train, because it was packed. I imagine Manchester is very popular for weekend trips. Continue reading